There's a New Technology Out Everyday. Use Some to Your Advantage, It Could Drastically Improve Business!

Gotta Love The Texting Generation! How to Give them More

Today’s text-crazy customers can’t get enough of this super-fast mobile communication platform. How can you merge real estate and technology together to give them more of what they want, faster and more reliably than your competitors? With Smart Lead Capture.

What’s so ‘smart’ about it?

Properties Online’s own proprietary Smart Lead Capture (SLC) is an all-new platform designed to give real estate pros the ability to connect with and capture mobile leads – fast. All that potential buyers need to do is text for more information listed on the sign riders of properties available for sale or rent.

Am I too dumb/smart enough to figure it out?

Many in the industry tend to break out in cold sweats at the thought of real estate and technology merging, but it’s not rocket science. SLC is simple and easy to implement, and even better – FREE with Listings Unlimited.

How does it work?

Your account will be assigned its very own unique Smart Capture Code (for example, PetesProperties) for use with 9-sub codes (PetesProperties 1-9). Attaching these codes to your sign riders and other media will enable the creation of multiple marketing campaigns, giving today’s thumb-happy generation the ability to contact you quickly and easily for details – and providing you with essential prospect contact information. Once the text is received, you’ll receive a Lead Alert, with the ability to send an automatic response based on personal user settings, providing on-demand text information, and allowing for fast follow-ups that cinch sales. Easily stay in touch later on with single or mass marketing blasts via Message Scheduler.

Want to see it in action?

Send a text message to 54561 and enter P102 in the message field and witness how fast and simply SLC can work for your business.

Be an industry leader in the real estate and technology race. Find the fuel you need for success, only with Properties Online today.

Prepare Your Company To Take Advantage of the Latest Technology and Boost Sales!

Battle Bots – Don’t Miss Out on the Latest in Real Estate Tech

Struggling to keep up with the seemingly endless issues of clients? Real estate and technology can work in harmony for better control of these queries. What is this miracle cure? It’s not an added staff member – but bots – those little help-chat boxes that pop up on every website from your health insurer to your cell phone carrier.

Building bots

Carey is a DIY bot development product technology that is currently in development, which will allow users to create their own ‘automated response technology,’ or bots. Created by AgentPair founder Clark Giguiere, it’s very close to wrapping up beta testing. One bot, built for industry news-provider Inman, will be ready any day. Another is already in-use by Trulia, helping renters find places in major markets and providing local stats and data.


Bots are simple to find and use – even Facebook is using them. Just tap the Messenger’s search tool to find a list of your friends and favorites, as well as available bots: Bots for sports teams and scores, news bots, bots for the Presidential race – you name it, there’s a bot for it. Though certain key search terms must be used, bots are getting smarter and easier to use every day.

Battle bots

As industries struggle to rise to the top in today’s digital era, bots are an emerging power. Will you take advantage of the innovative opportunities they have to offer?

A match made in cyber-heaven

Pairing real estate and technology, a bot could be a fantastic friend, saving you precious time by…

• Automatically responding to initial property inquiries.

• Asking about mortgage pre-approval.

• Gathering property preferences.

• Sending agency agreements.

• Verifying (and capturing) potential clients.

• Sending blog updates.

• Announcing new listings and open houses.

• Bot potential is virtually unlimited!

Earn the attention of home buyers and sellers with the latest in real estate and technology. Uncover new possibilities with the help of Properties Online today.

Everyone Likes Getting Free Stuff in the Mail. Including a Small Gift Might Help Reel The Customer's In.

Tips for Jump Starting a Direct Mail Strategy

Think print is dead? You may be missing out on the benefits direct mail can bring to your business. Response rate for direct mail to existing customers averages 2% in unspecified mass mailings and 3.4%, with targeted mailings, compared to just 0.12% for email contact. How can you take advantage? In today’s real estate selling tips, we’ll discuss a no-fail direct mail strategy.

Overcome inbox overload by putting a few new twists on this vintage marketing method:

• Avoid the standard #10 envelope.
Unless a #10 envelope is from someone a prospect knows, chances are it’s getting tossed.

• Think outside the box.
98% of people check their mail daily. Stand out from other boring mailers with freebies in your packages that help promote your business. These inexpensive promotional materials engage the prospect with a lumpy envelope (“Hmmm… wonder what’s inside…”), getting your message noticed. Not sure what we mean? Consider these promotional/message combos…

  • Stress reliever: “Take the stress out of home selling/buying…”
  • House-shaped bag clip: “Find out why we’re all that and a bag of chips.”
  • Magnifying glass: “Zero-in on success…”
  • Mints: “A fresh, new way to buying/selling your home…”

• Connect.
Use words that connect with the prop you included – and evoke an emotional connection or time sensitivity. An engaging message is what prompts readers to reach out via phone/text. And proof – never understate the importance of quality control.

  • Be on-target and offer incentives.
    Avoid random blasts for targeted marketing, including a great coupon/promotion enticing prospects with an irresistible deal. Remember the 40/40/20 rule: Success/ROI depends 40% on your mailing list, 40% on your offer, and 20% on everything else (design, images, copy, delivery date and method…).
  • Don’t neglect follow-up.
    Turning people into clients takes more than just a stamp.

Looking for relevant real estate selling techniques and compelling new ways of merging the old with the new? Properties Online can help. Contact us today.

Strive for Success!

It’s Time to Team Up to Boost Sales and Productivity

What tops today’s list of real estate selling tips for boosting sales and productivity? Giving teams a try. Real estate teams are on the rise, with transaction rates far outpacing those of top-producing individual agents.

Go team!
A recent Real Trends report noted between 35,000 and 50,000 real estate teams in the US, with 37% of teams formed between one-to-three years ago and 26% formed just one year ago. (Rankings are based on submissions, with some top-producing teams, agents and brokerages declining to submit their numbers for a variety of reasons.)

Reaching new heights…

• Team submissions grew from 2,233 in 2012, to 4,335 in 2015, growing by 94%. Though this number accounts for only the country’s highest-producing teams, this is enormous growth for a three-year period.

• The top 250 ranked teams completed 61,321 transactions in 2011. In 2015, that number jumped to 70,873. The top 250 individual agents completed 45,074 in 2011 and 35,833 in 2015, respectively. This indicates a 16% increase in transaction volume for teams versus an almost 20% decrease by individuals during the same time periods.

Why do teams work?
Because teams, under one or two team trainers/leaders, work collectively to reach sales goals, agents are able to reap the rewards of sales while easily maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Something unheard of with superhero individual associates working 75+ hour weeks.

How can you foster a team?
Starting a team is among the easiest real estate selling tips to implement. Most teams begin with an administrative person assisting one or two sales associates… And the team grows from there. Why an administrative assistant first? To provide functionality and test the team’s culture. Before starting a team, however, set yourself up for success by ensuring that you have the personal brand/culture – and leads – to support it.

Looking for real estate selling tips with your best interests at heart? Properties Online is on your team.

The Multi Device World

Making Your Website for the Multi-Device World Easy

Today’s real estate shoppers use smartphones, tablets, and PCs interchangeably in their quest to find the perfect home or commercial property. Are real estate and technology merging in your office to offer an optimum end-user experience? Or are you staying the course with yesteryear’s strategies and plugging on with an old website design that’s leaving potential clients frustrated?

Customers expect a great browsing experience regardless of device. Ease-of-use across the board is essential to protecting sales and preventing them from looking elsewhere.

How varied are devices?
According to recent Pew Research surveys of Americans…

  • 92% of adults own a mobile phone of some kind.
  • 68% own a smartphone, with usage split between Android/iPhone compatibility.
  • 73% of adults utilize a desktop/laptop.
  • 45% own a tablet.
  • 34% use cell-only internet.
  • 90% of people switch between devices to accomplish internet goals.

Is multi-device compatibility a mountain or a molehill?
Fortunately, attaining multi-device compatibility without wanting to divorce yourself from the technology bandwagon is possible. From 27-inch desktop screens to midsize tablets and readers to the ever-present variety of smartphone screens, you can merge real estate and technology quickly and easily with the adaptive design capabilities of Properties Online.

Adapting to today’s user needs
Properties Online allows for the fast and easy creation of property and agent websites, listing content and video, and even MLM systems using adaptive design capabilities which allow brokerages and agents to tap into the ever-diverse range of today’s real estate shoppers with complex and extensive adaptive website design technology.

Technologically advanced programming detects each device, delivering a version specifically optimized for the size and features of the end-user. It offers a highly-interactive, secure user experience capable of reaching the broadest mobile audience – including older technology users (such as those in emerging markets like Africa and Latin America) that responsively-designed websites leave behind.

Don’t let real estate and technology overwhelm you. Realize your true potential with Properties Online today.