Use Real Estate QR Codes to Boost Website Traffic

Sometimes described as bar codes on steroids, QR codes have become an essential mobile marketing tool that offers real estate agents a cheap, easy and effective way to drive traffic to their real estate sites. Short for Quick Response, real estate QR codes live up to their name. When scanned by a smartphone camera, QR codes immediately transport home buyers and home sellers to a target location; for instance, the Realtor’s website, the agent’s contact information, a particular landing page, a specific property listing or video. QR codes allow consumers to instantly access detailed information about a real estate listing or agent with a wave of their phone. Consumers do not need to enter a web address or click through a series of options. A quick swipe of their phone is all it takes to access the information they want, making QR codes are the perfect mobile marketing tool for today’s successful real estate agent.

Real estate agents can forge connections with potential home buyers and sellers by adding QR codes to business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, direct mail, online property listings and lawn signs, using different QR codes to direct consumers to different sites or information. Different QR codes can be imbedded in different marketing vehicles to help track their effectiveness. QR codes are also proving effective in building social media relationships between real estate agents and potential clients. QR codes are still novel enough to generate excitement and curiosity. People can’t seem to resist scanning QR codes when they appear in Facebook posts and Twitter tweets. Their popularity and convenience are making real estate QR codes the preferred method of linking to detailed information and video tours of new property listings.

As smartphone become the new communication standard and consumer interaction becomes increasingly mobile, QR codes are expected to become the go-to method of imparting information to real estate consumers. can help you add this powerful mobile marketing tool to your real estate tool bag. Free real estate QR code generation is included with all Properties Online website products.