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Shutting Down the Money - Chinese Real Estate Investments Dry Up

Single Property Websites – Put the Web to Work for You

Having a hard time keeping up with your workload? Taking advantage of the latest online trends in real estate can take a load off your shoulders. Single property websites deliver, benefiting a broad spectrum of end-clientele. Easily customizable for use with real estate sales, rentals, commercial properties, relocation services and more, Real Estate Sites’ single listing domains provide more information in a laser-focused, customizable listing space that’s perfect for shoppers and in a format that gets sites up and running fast.

Why Are Single Property Websites So Great?

– That ‘Special’ Feeling
Worthy of their own little slice of the internet, single property websites offer an exclusive feel, standing out against the competition.

– No Distractions
Dedicated to one home, no competing listings will vie for the attention of shoppers. A home won’t be lost among a sea of listings, or be navigated away from your space.

– Outside-the-Box Inclusions
Include all the information you want – right where you want it: Large, multitudinous images, listing video tours, school, park, restaurant information –even your own sidebar or header agent advertisement.

Professionally Designed, Affordable Websites – Fast
Choose from hundreds of existing design combinations and real estate images – or use your own, designing a custom site quickly and easily. Customize a layout and header, or take advantage of fast default options and let us do the design for you.

Everything You Need to Market Your Properties Online
Create stunning video to post on your site, taking advantage of Virtuets, our free video listing creation tool, free with Real Estate Sites. Make sharing fast with built-in posting tools for today’s most popular social networks and listing services, or upload unlimited documents and flyers for printing.

Are you missing out on trends in real estate that could work to your benefit? Take full advantage of online sales opportunities with single property websites and the array of time-saving tools available from the Properties Online family today.

Boomerang Buyers Need Extra Help in the Home Buying Process - What to Know

Boomerang Buyers Need Extra Help in the Home Buying Process – What to Know

Frozen out of home ownership for years, many of those affected by the subprime mortgage crisis are now ready to buy again. These boomerang buyers with a foreclosure history are excited about their salvaged credit scores, which translate into lower interest rates. Marketing real estate to those who need a guiding hand can be a win-win.

Boomerang buyers will play a major role in the 2018 real estate trends. Countless dings fall off credit reports every day, with the required seven years approaching or already passed for those with short sales or foreclosures in 2008-2012.

Helping Buyers with a Foreclosure History

Previous homeowners have already experienced the benefits of owning rather than renting, but they have obstacles to overcome. Boomerang buyers tend to be motivated yet they are hesitant about the process.

Some considerations for buyers with a foreclosure history:

– Waiting periods of 2 to 5 years must have elapsed.

– Prequalification often involves more paperwork than for other buyers.

– Boomerang buyers need reassurances and concrete evidence of why buying again will be more successful for them.

Reaching Boomerang Buyers

It’s worth noting that the 2018 real estate trends involve boomerang buyers in the age group between Millennials and Baby Boomers. This means that your real estate website design and print materials shouldn’t be tailored too heavily toward retirees and first-time buyers.

By definition, these boomerang buyers have been renters for several years now. A key tactic will be capturing leads and using data to drive drip marketing and other campaigns to reach renters whenever they are ready to buy again.

A solid web presence goes a long way. This group will heavily use Internet research for testimonials and reviews to choose their agent, broker, and lender.

Properties Online designs solutions for real estate SEO, custom websites, home video tours, and marketing tools to capture and convert more leads, with a high level of tailored marketing for each of your listings.

Should You Take the Repair or Money?

Increases in New Home Sales, Home Prices, and Bidding Wars All Predicted for 2018

As a frenzied year comes to a close, there’s little indication of real estate sales slowing down anytime soon. Given the ever-present demand and housing shortages in most markets, we see the 2018 real estate trends continuing to include high prices and competitive bidding—with buyers growing more flexible to find their next home.

Selling Like Hotcakes

Real estate in 2018 may not see quite the same eye-popping numbers as 2017, but growth will continue. forecasts a 2.8% rise in existing home sales, up to 5.8 million. New construction sales will see an 8% increase to reach about 670,000.

Bidding Wars for Real Estate in 2018

Sellers should feel confident about setting high asking prices. Following a 5% surge for 2017, another 3.5% increase looks like a strong bet. One broker told the NAR he’s seen bids reach 30% over asking in Seattle.

Multiple factors are buoying home prices. Builders cannot keep up with demand. Young buyers want to live near city centers. Owners are holding on as prices rise a bit further. Simply put, there’s no reason for sellers to compromise on price. With smart real estate marketing, any seller can find a buyer willing to meet or even exceed the asking price.

Buyers Casting a Wide Net

On the buyers’ side of 2018 real estate trends, the expectation is that fewer boxes will be checked. With low inventory, buyers are compromising on one or more big wishlist items, be it a particular neighborhood, their commute time, or even the size of the house.

Even in an aggressive market, it takes work to attract the right home buyer. People will put in a bid on a home that doesn’t match all their criteria, but only if you make the house discoverable.

Take advantage of the seller’s market by powering up your real estate marketing. With Properties Online, you can get cutting-edge tools for websites, mobile, video content, and more.

Make It Easy to Market Your Listings by Video

Our Virtuets Marketing Tools Makes Using Video to Sell Listings Easy

Burnt out with the same tired print and email marketing mediums? Wish you could dip a toe into the waters of video usage in real estate marketing, but afraid your lack of technological wisdom will leave you shivering on the proverbial edge of the pool? Warm up to a video listing tool that does the work for you.

Come On In, the Water’s Beautiful!
A simple but effective way for agents to easily add engaging video content to their websites, the time has never been better to dive into video usage in real estate marketing. And the best part is, you already have the skills! With a decent smartphone or camera, with still shots or video, you can create beautiful, professional listing videos that today’s sellers crave.

Why Take the Plunge?
Today’s sellers want to stand out from the crowd and decrease time-consuming and unnecessary property tours. Listing videos offer potential buyers the capability to tour homes in minutes from the comfort of a couch, and without inconveniencing themselves, live-in sellers, or agents. And for those already benefiting from single property website subscription from Properties Online, the service is FREE!

A Pool of Opportunity
Properties Online’s latest video builder tool does all the work for you, taking your still shots or video footage and compiling a stunning listing video that has all the bells and whistles, including:

– An array of design and music offerings.
– HD quality footage.
– A non-branded, IDX-compliant version for your local MLS.
– Captions and voice-overs (automatically added!).
– Automatic YouTube syndication for easy shareability (Facebook, Craigslist, email…) and improved search engine optimization.
– Branded logo bumpers.
– A ‘call to action’ with your photo/logo.
– Optional introductory clips, and Spanish translation.

What are you waiting for? Don’t let your marketing efforts belly flop. Dive into video usage in real estate marketing with the help of Properties Online today.

Real Estate Trends

Freddie Mac Predicts a Strong Opening to Real Estate Sales in Early 2018

Although January is typically a slow time in the real estate market, things should be heating up soon enough. In fact, real estate sales trends indicate that early 2018 will see a strong housing market.

Freddie Mac Forecast for Sellers

Freddie Mac has some positive predictions for the new year. These 2018 real estate trends include a 5 percent growth in home prices, which could encourage more and more sellers to put their homes on the market this year. That means more sales opportunities for real estate agents to look forward to throughout the year. Freddie Mac expects the total number of home sales to increase from 6.18 percent in 2017 to 6.30 percent in 2018. While this might not seem like a big increase, the rise in home prices makes up for it.

2018 Buying Trends

The new year should also be leading to an increase in the number of buyers who are looking for a new home. There are several 2018 real estate trends that point to this, such as the fact that prices on homes are expected to continue appreciating. A steady economy should also encourage those who are maybe thinking of buying a home to take the plunge and do so.

Don’t forget about rental property sales as well. An increase in rents around the country is expected to benefit rental property owners by giving them an incredible return on their investment. This could lead to more and more buyers who are interested in purchasing a rental property this year.

There’s also foreign buyers to consider. A rising number of foreign buyers are showing interest in purchasing property in the U.S. This market could also become a lucrative one for real estate agents in the new year.

Find out more about how to make the most of 2018 real estate trends, so you can boost sales this year. Contact Properties Online today for more information.