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Promote Yourself by Video to Increase Exposure and Sales

Promote Yourself by Video to Increase Exposure and Sales

Expand your video usage in real estate marketing beyond listing videos, zeroing in on yourself for promotion, and you’ll be certain to reap the rewards. “But what?!” you say – me stepping in front of the camera? It’s easier than you think… With just a simple photo, you could be well on your way to making lasting personal connections with clients, which equates to later loyalty.

Move It On Up
Adding a customized, personalized video to your website greatly boosts the likelihood of page-one Google rankings, increasing your website’s SEO and index higher in search results. And that’s not where the benefits end. Your creative, entertaining self-promotional videos can also be incorporated as an essential piece of marketing, utilized in web and email campaigns, on social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube, and in client presentations.

Introduce Yourself
An integral part of your marketing arsenal, your introduction video should be fast, friendly, and introduce yourself in a way that helps cold and warm leads get to know you better. Mostly informal, it should focus on what you bring to the table that your competition does not, particularly what you bring to the home buying experience. It may also feature a short reference to your family, hobbies, or interests, albeit in a way that paints you in the light of a local expert (your foodie habit rather than a reference to your Star Wars collection).

Sales Superstar
With the right mix of information and flair, you can quickly and effectively connect with customers, making them identify with you as their real estate professional, with little to no time invested – including in the design of the video. Simply snap a picture, and let Virtuets latest video builder tool handle the rest, customizing your personalized promotional video in just minutes.

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Virtuets – The Top Real Estate Sellers’ Secret

As video use in real estate marketing continues to climb the popularity charts as the preferred way for home shoppers to gain information nationwide, “average Joe” agents are becoming increasingly aware of top real estate sellers’ secret weapon: Virtuets video marketing.

A Standout Property Sales & Marketing Medium
Video is highly leveraged content, and the next best thing to face-to-face interaction. And leading agents know a good video sales strategy can help them decrease their workload, accelerate the sales process, and improve closure rates, providing information that only costs a click to potential buyers. But what about the agent cost? Those missing out often wrongly assume a massive time or monetary investment to glean the advantages of video, but that’s just not so if you know the secret: Virtuets.

Virtuets Does the Work for You
Free with Listings Unlimited, our latest video builder tool creates professional, HD-quality property listing videos within minutes, including a custom call-to-action with each video showcase along with contact and brand information, making sharing your properties (and your amazing video skills) a snap. Not a Listings Unlimited user? By the project and by the month licensing options are also available, which include our entire suite of buyer and seller promotional videos.

Justifiable Benefits…

  • The preferred messaging medium
    An ingrained habit, 78% watch videos online weekly – 55% daily.
  • Boosts rank
    Search engines, especially Google, love videos.
  • Builds relationships
    Similar to in-person interactions, live demos are seen as genuine, gaining trust.
  • Magnifies word-of-mouth
    92% of mobile video consumers share them with others – something you won’t pull-off with email marketing.
  • Delivers to today’s mobile, instant-gratification generation
    On Facebook, more than 65% of videos are viewed on mobile devices – and buyers “want it now.” Capitalizing on this keeps customers under your wing.

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How to Use Video as a Real Estate Marketing Tool

It’s 2017, and video use in real estate marketing has not only arrived, it’s quickly becoming THE marketing tool necessary to remain competitive. According to Inman, 85% of buyers and sellers want an agent who uses video – and those homes with listing videos get 4-times the inquiries as their ho-hum counterparts. So why are you sticking your head in the sand like a giant ostrich instead of taking that first step?

Video Is Where the Action Is
Today, Facebook and YouTube are competing for world video domination, and live-streaming video is popular on a wide array of social platforms. HD-quality videos are possible from your smartphone, and professional or “pro-sumer” equipment is just a fraction of the cost it was just a few years ago.

Getting In On the Action
The first step to video marketing is deceptively simple: Make one. Keep it simple, using only your smarthphone. You’ll probably hate hearing/seeing yourself on-screen and frown at footage, but it is these criticisms that will get you on your way to collecting the data necessary to make better videos.

Can I Get-By with a Smartphone?
Yes. With an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, and a few inexpensive items, including a tripod, a camera rig, and microphones, you can create professional HD-quality videos. That’s it.

I’ve Got All This Footage – Now What?
Don’t break out in cold sweats – no video editing is required – really. Grab a margarita, and upload your content and information to the Virtuets listing video builder tool for the fast and easy creation of your video in just minutes. Free with Listings Unlimited, and available at a monthly subscription or per video price, just sit back and sip while your video is being created. Then upload it to social media (or take advantage of our social tool) for sharing.

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Tips for Putting Together Marketing Videos

Top Marketing Videos to Do For Every Listing

Video usage in real estate marketing is exploding, and surprisingly enough to many agents, it involves more than listing videos. Are you missing out on the benefits that these essential real estate marketing videos can deliver?

Look Beyond Listing Videos to these Prime Video Marketing Solutions:

  • Informational Videos
    Provide value to buyers and sellers alike with short, educational videos on common real estate topics and questions (and lighten your to-do load).
  • Agent/Office Promotional Videos
    What makes you/your office stand out? From awards to finding foreclosures for flipping, tout it in a short promo.
  • Interview Videos
    Generate new leads by interviewing past clients on their first-person experience working with you. Interviews with respected figures in the community, as well as colleagues in the industry (lenders, inspectors, attorneys) will boost your video marketing currency.
  • Profile Videos
    Help potential sellers and buyers better understand what you have to offer with a brief “about me” video, highlighting your family, hobbies, successes, and even funny stories or anecdotes.
  • Neighborhood & Community Videos
    Capture special community events like annual festivals and parades, hone-in on area amenities, shopping and dining hotspots, beautiful scenery and more with a short, informational video to offer a deep and unique community perspective.
  • Local Business Reviews
    Area restaurant, retail store, or business win an award, or simply have a strong community following? Feature these shining venues.
  • Client Testimonials
    Quick, short videos of happy, satisfied clients are among the best video currency.
  • How-To Videos
    Provide potential customers with information on everything from how sellers should prep their home for showings, to how buyers can speed up the perusal process.

Extend Your Reach
Don’t just post these videos on your site, email them as part of your promotional marketing collateral, and more importantly, share them via social networking!

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Video Arrives in the Real Estate Marketplace

Are you ready for real estate selling tips that teach you how to sell a home without you – or the buyer – ever setting foot in it? (Don’t) fasten your seatbelts. Instead of dropping everything and rushing off for on-site viewing, buyers are now relying solely on property videos in their decision to purchase a home without ever setting a foot in the door. And far from unusual, realtors expect this number to grow.

Taking the Blinders Off
A 2016 survey by the NAR revealed 95% of today’s buyers search for homes online, compared to just 2% in 1995 – and 72% of today’s buyers now use a mobile device to peruse. Now a remote business, all initial searches are done online. Shocking to some, but one-fifth of buyers aren’t visiting homes before purchase, and 19% of 2016 buyers made a bid sight-unseen – nearly twice that in the high-end market.

Vital for Buyers, and Gives Sellers Greater Reach
High-quality videos that give the impression of walking from room to room inside and outside the property and surrounding areas, show people the lifestyle available in the same manner a live walk-thru would – but without the stress. Essential for builders who may not have an unsold home to show; fantastic for families who experience the difficulties of scheduling and cleaning for walk-throughs; and a godsend for potential buyers and agents, worn out by needless driving and time-consuming showings. Video is king!

The Wave of the Future
Surpassing the expectations of sellers and encouraging buyers to spend more time on your site, videos foster a feeling of commitment to your site and brand, creating a psychological attachment that results in a trusting relationship. Are you ready to trust video with your future? Discover the real estate selling tips that will help you open the door to the difference video can make in your business.

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