5 Marketing Ideas for Your Real Estate Business

Sometimes you just need a shove in the right direction, a little motivation, or an idea seed planted. That’s what this post is all about: 5 Simple Marketing Ideas for Your Real Estate Business.

Invest in your website. Make sure your brand is working for you, where the majority of your clients will find you – online. Your real estate agent website is your business card, your face and your online hub. Make it count.

Use Craigslist. Easy and automatic posting to Craigslist is the way to go, with Craigslist flyers. Market each of your listings on Craigslist right from your agent website or single property website. Craigslist is one of the most popular websites in the world, with millions of daily visitors, and it can be a powerful tool for generating free traffic to your property website.

Use custom domain sign riders. Yard signs will always be a huge marketing force in real estate. Make sure yours drive traffic back to your website, by using DOMAIN RIDER signs.

Create a Facebook page. If you haven’t already, put your real estate business on Facebook, by creating a Facebook Business Page. In the U.S., 80% of social network users choose Facebook as their preferred social network through which to connect with businesses and brands. It also provides you with a fantastic platform to promote your websites and blog.

List your business on Google Places. Set up a Google+ account to boost your search engine rankings and promote your business and listings. Then list your business with Google Places. These actions will help you to better connect with the Google Network, which extends to over 80% of internet users in the United States.

I’m on a roll, so I’m adding a bonus 6th marketing idea.

Start an email campaign. Email marketing can be automated and easy, turning every email address you receive into a viable, potential lead. Write your own email campaigns or use pre-built content. Create listing announcements and send out “virtual flyers.” Email campaigns are a great way to support your other marketing initiatives.

We’ll revisit this idea next month, with another 5 marketing ideas to boost your real estate listings, sales, contacts and revenue. In the meantime, have fun and good luck!

By Jess Maria

Jessica Maria is an avid business and lifestyle writer on subjects ranging from technology to real estate to immigration. Her work has appeared in magazines in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the UAE. She lives in California’s wine country, with her husband and two young sons.

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  1. Great post Jessica, you really need to invest on your website if you want to have more faster and secured results. Plus, online marketing has become the primary element of real estate marketing for brokers, agents and corporations nowadays so it’s better to be seen online.

  2. Thanks Jessica , one more I want to add in this list Google+ page and Google local.
    Facebook is limit number of people who view your post when posted for free. Google + plus give to all and promote it fir free,
    I did same for my site  http://www.saviourgreenarch.net.in and got excellent results.

  3. Great marketing ideas!!!
    In these days there are so many online marketing techniques. But other
    marketing ways are also taking place equally like audio marketing and on hold
    messaging, etc. These are both cost effective and impactful for small business owners,
    who can’t invest too much on marketing. I read about this here http://www.m2onhold.com.au/news.php#11
    and found it very effectual way of promoting your product and services. It
    saves both time and money.

  4. How about search engine marketing related to the promotion for the real estate businesses? Its one great campaign for real estate marketing
    of the business. The textual ads displayed for the keywords related to
    the projects for specific locations, age groups, gender scheduled for
    specific time slot in the day for the results. Thus adding an importance in the marketing ideas for the real estate business.

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