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5 MORE Marketing Ideas for Your Real Estate Business

I hope you enjoyed our previous post that offered 5 ideas for marketing your business. Really, marketing ideas are endless. It’s up to you to take them and run with them. So, with that in mind, here are 5 MORE marketing ideas for your real estate business.

Use QR Codes. Do you know what a QR code is? QR codes are a quick and awesome way to market and provide information via mobile smartphone. QR Codes direct people to your property sites quickly and easily. It takes only seconds to scan the code and redirect users to your individual listing website, and the codes can be added to your business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, sign riders and more.

Make the most of flyers using PDFs. Back up your online efforts with real life flyers. Email or print gorgeous color flyers highlighting each and every one of your listings. Customize the flyers by changing layouts and color schemes. Or simplify the process completely by using an automated PDF flyer builder.

Engage with video. Sellers want to work with agents who use video. Why? Because video engages buyers. It brings a home to life in a way still photography can’t. Lucky for you, making high quality videos for your listing sites is incredibly easy with online software like Virtuets.

Mobilize. Your brand and your listings need to show up wherever the buyers are. These days, more and more buyers are mobile. So make sure your websites and your listings can be accessed easily and in full quality from mobile phones and other mobile devices. You don’t want your marketing efforts to fall down on the job.

Integrate. Last month’s post talked about Facebook. Go one step further and integrate all your social media, so that your sales tactics gain maximum reach. Twitter, a blog and Pinterest are three popular avenues for real estate professionals. Make sure your presence on all is accessible from every one.

Marketing your real estate business and property listings comes down to being seen, establishing a professional brand and inspiring confidence. There are so many places to market yourself and your business. Best of luck!


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