Not a Good Business Move

Not a Good Business Move

A direct mail advertisement distributed in September mail to homes in the Snoqualmie Ridge, Washington area has working mom’s fuming – and a pair of local agents wearing egg on their faces and looking none too professional – courtesy of their latest real estate selling endeavor.

Costello and Costello Real Estate Group of Issaquah. But don’t worry, because they – uh – posted an apology on Facebook. Yeah, that’ll sure handle all the negative press… It’s unknown how long they’ll be feeling the heat from the consequences – across social media and in the community.

How bad is it?
Definitely not good. The direct mail ad features Chase and Jeffrey Costello on one side dressed in suits. On the other side, a mother of three is tied up while one child paints her face, a younger child sits with a colander on her head, and the remaining child (and a duck) stand amongst a disheveled living room.

Can you see the writing on the wall?
Written on the Costello side: “Full time professionals.” On the mom’s side: “Part time agent.” Underneath both photos: “Who would you rather represent you?” Flip the debilitating direct mail piece over and wait… there’s more… The ad lists what the Costello’s can provide compared to what the woman can offer, being “available at THEIR convenience – not yours.”

Behemoth backlash
Woman control 70-80% of consumer spending, and with a number of professional full time female agents in the industry – many of whom have families – its certain the piece has lost the firm more than a few clients.

When it comes to real estate selling, are you putting all of your eggs in one advertising basket? Avoid joining Costello and Costello at the omelet station. Discover a variety of ways to effectively (and politely) market your real estate business with the help of Properties Online today.

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