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7 Reasons Why Listing Websites Work


Listing websites, or single property websites, are gradually becoming an essential tool in the marketing tools arsenal of savvy realtors. The reasons are simple:

1. Single property websites impress sellers, because they see them as proof that their agent is willing to work hard to sell their property.

2. Property websites are great for buyers because they love the convenience of having all the information about the house, including images, maps and mortgage calculators, in a single place.

3. Agents love listing websites because despite being so impressive, they are very affordable, and very easy to set up. A beautiful listing website filled with info, images and tools take just half an hour to set up.

4. Single property websites include built-in, easy to use tools for sharing properties on a wide range of social networks. Since social media is quickly becoming a must-use tool for agents, this is a huge advantage of listing websites.

5. Since listing websites have the home’s physical address as their URL, they are typically one of the first results to come up when potential buyers search for the property online. Since more and more people start their search online these days, the fact that listing websites are search engine friendly is another huge advantage.

6. Single property websites are a great way to secure listings. Agents can create free demo sites for prospects prior to getting the listing. The demo website can be filled with unlimited photos and documents and can feature music, a voice over, a video and more. Agents can then email prospects a link to the demo site, or demo the site live at the listing presentation. When the agent gets the listing, they can purchase the property website.

7. Property websites work better than virtual tours because they are easier to find. Virtual tours are directed at buyers who have already seen the property someplace else (on the agent’s site, for example, or in the MLS listings). Virtual tours don’t generate traffic in their own right. On the other hand, property websites generate their own direct traffic through online searches, social media and through the sign rider on the property itself.

Just like many other online tools, single property websites are quickly moving from a “nice to have” tool to a “must have tool.” Take advantage of them today!

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