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Tips for Designing Dynamic Real Estate eFlyers

eFlyers are an easy way to send information to large numbers of clients and other real estate agents, but they can also be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your real estate website. The key to using eFlyers to boost real estate site traffic is search engine optimization. By applying the same keywords, linking strategies and search engine optimization techniques used to drive traffic to your website, Facebook page, listing domains, YouTube videos and blog, your eFlyers become an integrated part of your total web presence and an additional tool for increasing your search rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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Follow these tips to improve the search engine optimization of your real estate eFlyers:

  • Include keyword links to website landing pages, real estate videos and listing domains.
  • Keep your layout visually clean. You’ll garner the greatest response with short bold headlines, short copy blocks and a few crisp photos. Use links, embedded videos and QR codes to direct flyer recipients to more detailed information.
  • Prominently display your contact information in the top-right quarter of the page. Studies have shown that when viewing a webpage or document, the human eye goes first to the top right quadrant. With your contact information, include one-click links to your website, Facebook page, blog, Twitter feed, etc.

Properties Online’s easy-to-use email builder allows real estate professionals to craft dynamic eFlyers with just a few mouse clicks. A handy real estate tool built into the Properties Online platform, Agent Announce allows real estate agents to quickly design professional-looking eFlyers and send out 1,000 to 10,000 flyers at a time in targeted or broad-spectrum email blasts. Time-saving and cost-efficient, our email builder is an excellent way to alert clients and agents to new listings, status changes and price updates. Statistic tracking allows Realtors to measure the effectiveness of eFlyer campaigns as both a real estate marketing and communication tool. With prices starting at just $10, eFlyers are a fast, easy and affordable way to send information to large groups of people. Want to try it? For a limited time, real estate professionals can get their first email blast of up to 1,000 emails free on Properties Online.

Google Plus Could Outshine Facebook as Real Estate Marketing Tool

Despite uncertainty over who will emerge victorious from the Google-Facebook smackdown, real estate agents have little to lose and much to gain by getting in on the ground floor and setting up a Google business page now. There is a basic difference in the way Google and Facebook business pages process visitor interaction for search engine consumption that makes Google’s method more real estate-friendly.

Google Plus is the new kid on the social media block, but first impressions indicate that real estate agents may find it a better “friend” than Facebook. Google’s Facebook challenger has the potential to be a social marketing game-changer for the real estate industry — if it catches on. And that is just one of several “ifs” that Google Plus will have to overcome to wrest the commercial advertising market from Facebook’s grasp.

Despite uncertainty over who will emerge victorious from the Google-Facebook smackdown, real estate agents have little to lose and much to gain by getting in on the ground floor and setting up a Google business page now. There is a basic difference in the way Google and Facebook business pages process visitor interaction for search engine consumption that makes Google’s method more real estate-friendly.

On Facebook, constant interaction between your business page and Facebook fans is required to attract search engine attention. Unfortunately, real estate clients are notorious for being fair-weather friends. Most people only visit real estate sites when they are actively engaged in buying or selling a home. Months, even years can elapse between client interactions with your Facebook business page. Without fresh interaction, Facebook quickly “drops” unresponsive friends; and you fall off the search engine radar.

Google business pages can influence search results for years with only minimal client interaction IF — and this is key — the visitor becomes a member of your circle. In Google Plus, circles are the equivalent of Facebook friends. Different language; same concept: your circle of friends. With Google you have the advantage of being able to organize friends into different circles, or groups. This can be a handy marketing advantage for real estate agents, allowing them to target specific client groups. But the real plus in Google Plus is searchability. When a site visitor joins your Google circle, every time they initiate a search using “real estate” or similar key words, Google search will find your Google business page at shoot it to the top of the organic search results, keeping you constantly on clients’ radar — a definite plus!

Mobile Tech Tools Boost Real Estate Sales

High Country Realty of Blue Ridge, Georgia reported an astonishing 49% annual increase in housing sales at the end of 2011, a remarkable feat given the current economy. In an interview with, the Caldwell Banker agency attributed its success to mobile information technology.

“Today’s real estate consumer has demonstrated they have a strong desire to work with real estate firms that are willing and able to supply real time information about real estate,” said High Country broker/owner June Slusser. “We took the stance we were going to be the company that provided more knowledge to consumers than anyone else.”

High Country accomplished its goal by focusing on mobile tools that allowed agents to respond to seller questions and buyer queries immediately and provide maximum information instantly via smart phone. Real estate customers responded enthusiastically both to the convenience of mobile communication and to the depth of information they were able to tap into via mobile real estate tools.

The exponential growth in the popularity of smart phones is making mobile real estate tools an essential addition to the modern Realtor’s tool bag. Mobile technology offers real estate agents and their clients speed and flexibility not available on any other marketing platform. Here’s a rundown on some of the most popular real estate mobile tools:

  • Mobile listing domains allow customers to access listing domain pages from their iPhone or Droid.
  • A mobile version of your real estate sites allows your customers to access all of the information available on your website via their smart phone. Mobile websites are specially formatted for mobile access to ensure easy of use and connectivity.
  • QR Codes allow consumers to obtain information with a wave of their smart phone. Using QR codes, real estate agents can provide clients with detailed listing information, documentation and virtual video tours of their listings.
  • Mobile GPS apps can be used to send clients reliable directions to property sites.

If you have yet to take advantage of the significant benefits mobile technology offers members of the real estate community, Properties Online can bring you up to speed.

How to Increase Marketing Power of Your LinkedIn Profile

If you are in the real estate industry, promoting yourself as a real estate professional is as important as promoting your real estate listings. Your professional image — your personal brand — is as important to clients as the real estate services your offer. Real estate is a service industry where agent image is a powerful real estate marketing tool that can be effectively used to increase your client base. Your LinkedIn profile can play a vital role in turning your professional image into a dynamic social media marketing asset that will enhance your personal brand and drive potential clients to your real estate site.

Unlike other social networking platforms, LinkedIn places the emphasis squarely on your professional qualifications. By applying search engine optimization techniques to your LinkedIn profile, you can significantly increase your position in search rankings. But discovering your profile may not be enough to drive potential clients to your real estate website. To increase the client conversion rate of LinkedIn leads, you may need to tweak your LinkedIn profile so that it provides visitors with both the professional information they are looking for and a glimpse of the person behind the credentials.

To increase the marketing power of your LinkedIn profile, follow these tips:

  • Revamp the headline. People decide which sites to open by scanning the headlines in the list of search results. Use your LinkedIn profile headline as a prequalifier to attract the people most likely to use your services. Headlines should  describe you and your business in short, compelling phrase: New York Realtor Specializes in Upscale Lofts.
  • Optimize for search engines by adding keywords to each profile section: headline, work experience, summary and specialties.
  • Add social proof by providing specifics about education, awards and recommendations. Adding specifics validates your credentials, increasing brand value.
  • Make a personal connection by including information about your goals or interests.
  • Include a call to action in your profile. Tell people action you want them to take: click, contact, email, etc.

Increase Real Estate Brand Recall with Interactive Tools

As we noted in a recent post, the most noteworthy change in this year’s Super Bowl commercials was the addition of interactive web and mobile tools to engage consumers. Despite the incredible popularity of Super Bowl ads — and the millions of dollars advertisers spend to create and market them — analyses of past years’ advertising campaigns have shown that most Super Bowl ads have only a fleeting impact on brand awareness and even less impact on sales. In an effort to change that dynamic, this year’s Super Bowl advertisers used a myriad of web and mobile tools to engage consumers with the goal of extending initial Super Bowl contacts into long-term relationships that culminate in brand loyalty and increased sales.

Marketing research indicates that advertisers’ efforts to foster long-term social engagement with consumers will pay off in the long term. Studies has shown that engaging consumers in interactive web or mobile activities generates greater and more positive brand recall, the first step to building sales and the customer loyalty that generates repeat sales and word-of-mouth referrals. Because brand recognition, customer loyalty and personal referrals are the 3 keys to building a strong real estate client base, real estate agents stand to profit from the same emphasis on social engagement tools employed by Super Bowl advertisers.

To ramp up social engagement with potential real estate clients, Realtors will need to employ interactive real estate tools on three fronts: real estate websites, mobile communications and social networks. You’ll achieve the greatest rewards by linking platforms and tools to create an integrated customer experience. Use the following suggestions to increase social engagement with your clients:

  • Use links and QR codes to connect real estate listings to listing domains for individual properties and include them in tweets and emails.
  • Use GPS locater apps to direct clients to property sites.
  • Create YouTube tutorials with downloadable checklists on house buying, selling, staging, creating curb appeal and other helpful topics.
  • Make mortgage estimators available on your website.
  • Create visual tours of communities you serve and forward to clients with listing information.