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Must have iphone App for Agents

I’m not a big Apple computer guy, but I love my iPhone.  I’m from the school that says you don’t need a bunch of technology to be tech savvy in real estate.  But you do need a couple of key pieces of tech to be on the team and an iPhone is one of them.  I’m probably going to get a bunch of flack from Droid and BlackBerry users for that and admittedly the bear minimum is some sort of Smartphone.  But the truth is that the iPhone is a game-changing piece of technology for people in real estate.  And it’s not just the vast quantity of apps that are available but the quality and functionality of those apps.

For example: there is an app called Zosh that allows you to fill-in pdf forms.  Say you get an email with an attached pdf of a form that you need to fill out and send back to your transaction coordinator or broker to complete your file.  You know; that 1-page transaction profile form for all the vital info about your deal, the “get-paid” form as my colleague Leslie in Lake County likes to put it.  Now traditionally you would print this, fill it out, and then hand it or even fax it in.  If you were a real techie, you would figure out a way to fill it out on your computer and email it back, which would probably cost you a pretty penny on either some software or a tablet.  With Zosh you can fill it out, email it back, and even sign it if you so needed right from your iPhone.

There are a couple of hitches but they aren’t big ones from what I’ve found so far.  For one, it costs $3 but what’s that, we folks in real estate blow $3 pulling out of the driveway.  For the other, the interface is easy once you get use to it but it might become a little tedious if the form is really long.  One nice little feature it has, however,  is a “shortcuts” button where you will find info that you have typed before so you can just select and insert it into the document rather then retyping the whole thing.  A definite timesaver on forms you fill out regularly like all those “get-paid” forms for the escrows you’ll be closing because your technology has opened up more time for you to put more deals together.

Single Property Websites

Top 10 reasons why building a website for your listings is a no-brainer…

Learn why creating a website for each of your real estate listings is the best way to market your properties online.

Top 10 reasons to building a website for your listings

1. Sellers Love it
This simple but effective marketing tool will put you head and shoulders above your competition when it comes to securing the listing. Sellers love having a website dedicated entirely to selling their home. With the DEMO website feature, you can build a website absolutely FREE to show prospects at your listing presentations. Impress them and get the listing!

2. Buyers Use it
Property websites drive more traffic to your listing than virtual tours or online classified ads. Online classified flyers and virtual tours rely solely on other websites to drive traffic. They are unable to capitalize on word of mouth traffic, sign rider traffic or search engine traffic. The property address Domain Name coupled with the custom Domain Rider sign make all the difference! Not to mention the SEO benefits your agent website will receive by having all the back links from your property websites.

3. ALL INCLUSIVE!  (No Monthly Fees)
Each website comes complete with all the tools you need to market your listing online. The one time fee includes hosting for an entire year, a top level domain name (, listing syndication to all the major property portals, a printable flyer and a custom sign rider. If you don’t need a sign rider, you will receive a discount at checkout!

4. Built-In Social Networking Tools
Each website includes a built-in posting tool so you can easily add your website to your favorite social network. Better yet, your website visitors can easily add your website to their social networks as well. It’s viral marketing at it’s best!

5. Easy Posting to Craigslist
Your property website includes an html snippet of your website so you can easily cut and paste your data into an online classified site such as, Backpage or Ebay. Craigslist is proven to drive more traffic to your Listing Website so make sure to take advantage of this FREE service!

6. Free Listing Syndication
Service includes automatic feed of your website to the major search engines and property website portals. These portals include GoogleBase, Trulia, Zillow, and more! We add your meta tags for you to get your website the most traffic in the least amount of time.

7. Instant Leads with TEXT messaging
Your website leads are sent immediately to your text enabled cell phone. If someone fills out a form on your website, our program will convert their message to text and transmit it to your cell phone so you can follow up while your prospect is still viewing your website!

8. Property Feedback System
Send a feedback request form to agents and open house visitors soliciting their feedback about the property. This is a great tool to help you negotiate needed changes with your sellers.

9. Website Statistics
Your website statistics will tell you how many unique visitors you have had and tell you the top 5 referring search engines. What’s more, you can view your daily activity, monthly activity and total visitors. Our reporting function will allow you to email a detailed report to your sellers to show them how popular their home is!

10. User Friendly
Create a website in less than 5 minutes! Change your design layout, color and other configuration options anytime. Our program will automatically determine if the domain name of your choice is available and register it. Websites are usually up and running within a few minutes!

For a complete list of website features please visit