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Beacon Technology Delivers the Information Your Buyers Want Immediately

Real estate trends for 2016 are constantly boasting about technology designed to make businesses better. Typically, however, the ones that don’t fall flat are those offering a smoother home buying experience for the customers and allowing agents to build more customer-centered services.

What is the current customer experience?
An online search, followed by an awkward walk-through or open house, fragmented by sign-in sheets, unanswered questions, doubts on who to trust or turn to, a wrinkled show sheet, and a frustrating ride home. The sale? A wildcard based on customer/agent information gathering.

What if that experience could result in more?
Buyers find an open house on their phone or mobile device. Walking in, the mobile device prompts them to register. On consent, their info is delivered to the agent’s inbox. As buyers look around, property details and agent information are automatically delivered via smartphone. After visiting, agents can collect data on whether the information was viewed or deleted, allowing them to classify leads/data. Overall a seamless, elegant, modern experience. The best part? Everyone gets what they need.

Beacon technology makes it possible
Small wireless sensors that emit data to smartphones via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), beacons easily allow for this kind of micro-location, mobile and location-based marketing. Using far less power than previous generations of Bluetooth, it no longer drains phone batteries. Going beyond real estate trends for 2016, its integration by big-name retail venues have made it familiar to consumers, particularly Millennial real estate up-and-comers.

An investment in the future
From May 2013 to July 2014, web usage grew 30%, mobile 81%, and mobile queries for open houses 36%. On-the-go searches are the future. Are you looking ahead?

Real estate trends for 2016 are prepping you for the next generation of home buyers. Find the tech you need to meet their needs, only at Properties Online today.

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