Mobile communications are changing the real estate industry. The myriad apps available for smart phones are making the virtual office a reality. There is little real estate agents cannot now do from their smart phones. From responding to client queries and forwarding listing domains to exchanging contract documents for signature and much more, smart phones have made buying and selling homes easier than ever before. But to pull all these useful mobile application together successfully, real estate agents need a mobile website, a real estate site specially formatted for use on mobile devices.

Mobile Real Estate

When creating mobile websites for our real estate agent clients, Properties Online follows best practices to ensure clear viewing and easy communication. To maximize the benefits mobile websites offer, Realtors will want to follow these best practices:

  • Mobile interactions are necessarily fast as users squeeze tasks into busy days. Prioritize content and reduce text to scannable bullet points. Compress photos and listing domains for fast loading. Include GPS directions in listing domains. All the information a client needs about a property should be available with just one or two clicks.
  • Simplify navigation with a prominent search box and clearly visible back and home buttons. Limit page links to not more than 5. Avoid rollover menus and keep scrolling to a minimum. When necessary, choose one-handed thumb-flick vertical scrolling over two-handed horizontal scrolling.
  • Use large buttons and clickable text to make pages thumb friendly. When necessary, enlarge clickable space by padding buttons and text to accommodate people with large thumbs.
  • Maximize visibility by using contrast and color to differentiate text and content from background. Screen content should be easy to see even in low light. Fit content to the screen to eliminate the need for resizing by zooming or pinching. Everything you want people to see should be visible when the screen opens.
  • All tasks and navigation must be mouse-free. Provide one-click calling and info requests and use scroll-and-click menus for data entry.


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