The internet offers hundreds of exciting new ways to market your real estate business. Real estate websites, email marketing  campaigns, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos, Google AdWords, property listing domains – the list of possible marketing tools seems endless. The trick, of course, is to use them effectively.

To realize the maximum return on your investment in internet marketing, real estate agents and brokers must develop a cohesive marketing plan with well-defined goals. Creating an overriding internet marketing plan will help you select marketing products that meet specific plan goals and bring real value to your business. I

t’s easy to be distracted by the cool bells and whistles of trendy new products and wind up with a mishmash of marketing products. Rather than taking a scattershot approach to marketing your real estate business, you should concentrate on selecting internet marketing products that not only address specific goals in your master plan, but also integrate seamlessly with the other online marketing products you are already using. The greatest value internet marketing provides is the ability to quickly and easily carry your message across multiple platforms.

Every internet marketing plan begins with creating and maintaining a relevant agent website. To attract viewers, your website must provide buyers and sellers with practical value and must be compatible with current technology. To keep up with technology, make it a practice to search for and install new real estate plugins and productivity tools once a month.

Consider your real estate website as home base for all your marketing initiatives. Everything else you do should connect back to your website, and visitors should be able to easily find and access your other marketing sites from your website. Use clickable buttons and interactive linking to direct visitors to your mobile website, social media, your blog, internet ads, etc. No matter what platform a potential customer uses to contact you, he should be able to navigate to the information he wants from that portal.

More best practices next time

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