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Best Practices for Real Estate Mobile Marketing

As the digital world goes mobile (see our previous post), real estate agents are faced with a unique challenge: how to serve consumers who still live in a paper world while attracting the growing number of consumers that have embraced a completely digital and increasingly mobile lifestyle. Across the country, real estate professionals are finding creative ways to integrate mobile marketing tools with other marketing products to reach the broadest possible consumer market. Maximizing marketing efforts across multiple platforms gives Realtors a competitive edge, increasing listing visibility, leads and sales.

To maximize your return from real estate marketing tools, follow these best practices for mobile marketing:

  • Make generous use of smartphone scannable QR Codes in print ads, listing signs and flyers, open house brochures, email marketing, business cards, tweets and other advertising media. QR Codes allow buyers to obtain the additional information they want about a property while their interest is high.
  • Attract the mobile market by adding highly visible text codes to all your real estate marketing products, including television and radio ads. Make it as easy as possible for mobile shoppers to reach you.
  • Tie text and QR codes to property listing domains that provide potential buyers with photos, virtual tours and complete listing information about the property.
  • Direct mobile inquiries to a dedicated mobile website that links and provides access to all your property listings, as well as providing links to your primary real estate website, social media and other technology tools.

Mobile marketing tools enhance the immediacy of real estate communication, allowing potential home buyers and sellers to contact real estate agents when their interest is highest and they are ready to act. According to 2011 National Association of Realtors statistics, most home buyers and sellers do business with one of the first real estate agents they contact. Mobile real estate tools allow agents to capitalize on consumers’ desire for immediate response.

Properties Online has the tools and expertise to help you mobilize your real estate business!


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June 27, 2012 9:36 pm

Being a home builder, we’re lucky to not have to follow as many homes as real estate sellers do, but we like using technology to help us show our wares and what we can do for potential buyers as well. Maybe not as much with smartphones as with tablets, but technology allows us to bring not only sharper images to the fore, but we can also bring video to consumers early on that helps with the marketing process.

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Ryan Stewman
July 4, 2012 4:42 am

I’ve been using shortcode to capture leads. i’m seeing a lot more influx of leads vs the old call capture way. I’ve also been leaving my shortcode on cragis list and it is getting me leads. The FTHB is my main target because a lot of 2 time Home Buyers cant sell their current one and dont make DTI ratios with their PR leased out.

Any way here is a way that I use shortcode texting to get leads. Enjoy

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