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Best time for Real Estate Professionals to Social Network

If your like most real estate professional, you like the idea of social networking but finding the time can be daunting. When it comes to social networking, remember quality is better than quantity. You don’t have to spend all day on facebook or twitter to be a good social marketer. Here is a fabulous infograph brought to you by KissMetrics that highlights a few key concepts when it comes to social media. This graph will tell you when to post and how often. Here are the highlights:

  • “The best time to tweet is 5PM ET”
  • “1 to 4 tweets per hour is ideal”
  • “The best days to tweet are midweek and on the weekends”
  • “80% of the US population is in the Central and East time zones”

Are you using HootSuite? Armed with this information and hootsuite,  you can now schedule your tweets and facebook posts to go out during the times you are most likely to get seen, liked or retweeted.

When is the best time to tweet?

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