To put it quite simply, you should be where your prospects are. Since more and more people today use the Internet in general, and social media tools in particular, you should be using social media too.

You do need to be aware that social media works differently than traditional marketing, and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Social media is not about one-way promotional messages. It is about being social – having real conversations with people, engaging them, and getting to know them – while allowing them to get to know you.

This is a process that takes time – many months usually – so if you want results “now,” you will be disappointed. However, if you don’t use social media, you will lose out long term, allowing your competitors to build a presence and connections while neglecting to build your own.

The best way to use social media is to start an account in one of the platforms available today (focus on just one at first), and start building yourself as an expert. You can use a blog, a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Whatever channel you use, the idea is to add high quality content that shows prospects how knowledgeable you are in your space. Be generous about sharing tips, personal stories and your own take on news stories.

You must have heard by now the phrase “content is king,” and as much as it’s become a cliché, it is actually true. There is so much low-quality information out there, that if you are able and willing to produce high-quality, helpful social media content, you will gradually build a name for yourself as a real estate expert.

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