Often times as a small business owner or even part of a large real estate business team, we find it easy to look at business development, but hard to think about or prioritize personal development. But when it comes to a career as personal as real estate, personal brand development should not be ignored. Building your brand as a real estate agent is a very important piece of your broader business development puzzle.

Your personal brand is what draws people in – buyers and sellers alike. Unlike a huge corporation that spends thousands, if not millions, of dollars a year on highly targeted advertising that adapts based on intimate and personal information collected by each users online history, you only have yourself. The targeting and development has to come from your end.

Building Your Personal Brand Requires Focus

You cannot be all things to all people. It may be scary to narrow your focus as a real estate agent, especially if you’ve served a wide range of clients in the past. You don’t want to alienate past or future clients. Letting go off the rope is a real act of faith. Casting a wide net feels safer, but it is usually far less effective.

Focusing smaller and more targeted means you provide a better, swifter and more comprehensive service to people who then feel like they get exactly what they need. These clients are the ideal fit for your style, personality and skills. Work on building a deep emotional connection through your personal interactions, your social media interactions and any other communication. Developing a core target market will make you an influencer and an expert. This is lucrative.

Build your personal brand around who you really are – your passions, your history, your community, knowledge, values, family, belief systems. Working hard, providing great service, being knowledgeable and experienced – these things are important, but they aren’t points of difference. YOU are your biggest point of difference.

The other scary part about wading into real personal development is facing yourself, flaws and all. Do some deep thinking and write down three values or interests that you consider most important. Based on these values and interests, can you come up with a segment of the market that needs you? That would seek you out above other agents who choose to “do it all?”

Shared experience, values, history, interests – these things are attractive. They instill trust. Once you understand the things that make you tick, focus on them. Let your best you be the one fronting your real estate business. Take the risk, you’ll be glad you did.

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February 18, 2015 3:23 am

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