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Building Your Brand – Try These Smart and Free Tactics

You’ve heard it time and again: branding is the best way to set yourself apart from the competition. But how do you get your message out there when you’re starting on a shoestring budget?

Fortunately, there are effective ways to build your brand while spending little to no money. Use these real estate marketing tips to get your name known in the relevant circles.

1. Make cold calls.

Cold calling is a classic sales and marketing technique that’s stood the test of time because it works. While cold calls can be made on the phone, some old-school pavement-pounding and door-knocking go even further in demonstrating your care, commitment, and professionalism. Just be sure to follow safe practices.

2. Work your contact list.

Don’t let prospecting distract you from continuing to cultivate existing relationships. Get in the habit of reaching out to past clients, family, and friends to find out what’s new and offer help where needed. Take the approach of offering support, not fishing for appointments. Your positive reputation will grow, and business will come along with it.

3. “Farm” social media.

Many neighborhoods have a presence on sites such as Nextdoor, as well as dedicated groups on Facebook and other social media platforms. Join groups in your market areas and become an active member. For instance, offer referrals for plumbers or buy Girl Scout cookies. As you become established, share occasional real estate information, but keep it organic without going overboard.

4. Participate in community outreach.

Get involved with local charitable organizations, especially ones that have a personal meaning for you. When you build your brand while a favorite cause benefits, it’s a win-win.

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