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Capture More Leads with Single Property Websites

You have no doubt heard of single property (individual listings) websites. These websites highlight and market a single property for sale, truly showcasing a listing. Used correctly, these websites will help to sell your real estate listings faster, at a higher price point. If that’s not enough, you truly can capture more leads with single property websites.

A service such as Listing Domains will enhance your websites with several lead generating contact forms, including free listing updates, which allows visitors to fill out a form to request email updates of new listings that match their specific criteria. Other helpful features include viewing scheduling, which allows prospects to request a viewing of the property at a specific time and date and the ability for website visitors to easily request additional information about your listing.

Other handy lead generating features on the Listing Domains individual property website service include:

CRM. The Customer Relationship Management tool allows you to view all your website leads, convert them to contacts, and export them to 3rd party software platforms like Outlook, Constant Contact and more.

Mobile Guestbook. Each single property website includes a mobile guest book lead capture form. This encourages the mobile visitor to leave their contact information so you can follow up with them directly.

TEXT-the-Domain Lead Capture. This upgrade option makes it possible for you to market your listing across a whole new medium. Prospects can TEXT-the-Domain of your property website to get all the listing details, photos and your contact information. In turn, their cell phone number is sent to you for immediate follow-up.

Branding and Contact Information. Every site will display your photograph, company logo and contact information. Your individual listings websites will all link to one another to help generate more traffic to your other listings. And, of course, each website will link back to your agent and/or company website to help generate traffic there, as well.

Lead Alert Text. The Leads2Text service enables your website leads to be sent immediately to your text enabled cell phone. If someone fills out a form on your website, Leads2Text will convert their message to text and transmit it to your cell phone so you can follow up while your prospect is still viewing your website.






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