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Live Green and Win Some Green Too!

Learn To Live Green Save Green
And Enter For A Chance To Win Some Green!

Does reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your home expenses at the same time sound good to you?  Would you like a chance to win a valuable gift card to help make your home more energy efficient?  How about the opportunity to share ideas about what works with other homeowners?

Simply visit to learn about the benefits of green home ownership and to enter for a chance to win in the “Go Green, Win Green” sweepstakes, which runs April 15 through September 2, 2011.

This educational website is a great resource for creative and environmentally friendly tips for your home and life, as well as online social activities and discussions, message boards, and video content.  You can even download a 2011 Energy Conservation and Efficiency Guide to use in your own home.

It’s easy to enter the “Go Green, Win Green” sweepstakes at The “Go Green, Win Green” grand prize is a $15,000 Sears gift card. In addition, five (5) entrants will be randomly selected in a weekly drawing to win a $100 Sears gift card.  Sweepstakes participants can enter online line once per day. The weekly winners and grand prize winner will be selected randomly from the eligible online entries received.

By protecting our planet and saving money in the process, everyone who visits is a winner!  Visit today and learn how other homeowners conserve natural resources while cutting home expenses.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.) 18 years and older. Ends 9/2/2011. To enter and for Official Rules, including odds, and prize descriptions visit Void where prohibited. Sweepstakes administered by American Home Shield. ©2011 American Home Shield Corporation and its licensed subsidiaries. All rights reserved.

Live Green Save Green

Generate direct leads with a new real estate agent rating system is a progressive social media-oriented real estate agent directory that provides a simple and effective way for agents to extend their brand in organic searches and get their clients involved in the feedback and referral process. is a progressive social media-oriented real estate agent directory that provides a simple and effective way for agents to extend their brand in organic searches and get their clients involved in the feedback and referral process. Consumers can take advantage of the uncomplicated, precise search engine that can quickly locate compatible real estate agents within a desired zip code radius.

Mountain of Agents’ unbiased approach to delivering relevant information focuses on what really matters to consumers and agents:

  • Quick access to concise, informative real estate agent profiles
  • The ability to quickly view stats on an agent (and quickly rate them, too!)

A very small percentage of clients will take the time to submit a written testimonial, let alone register to do so. Mountain of Agents’ unique rating system—referred to as ‘complimenting’—allows the user to anonymously compliment the agent in six of the most important categories relevant to the home buying/selling process:

  • Geographical Mastery
  • Marketing Expertise
  • Active Interest
  • Trust and Compassion
  • Helpfulness
  • Likeliness of Referral

What’s compelling about this system is that the client can compliment an agent in less than 6 seconds—the amount of time it takes to click the cool buttons next to each category. And let’s face it, everyone loves to press buttons, especially ones that give you immediate feedback that your compliment rating has been tallied.

Registration is free and takes about a minute to complete. Once a member, agents can begin circulating their unique profile URL to clients, family and peers for complimenting. Agents can also upload a photo, add a detailed headline and bio, and add links to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Registered members also receive a profile QR code they can download and use on print materials, making it easy for clients to submit compliment ratings on the go from any tablet or smart phone. Awesome!

Once you’ve amassed a gaggle of compliments, slap a Mountain of Agents dynamic compliment badge on your business website to strut your stuff and promote your public profile.

Now you can reserve any US zip code and give your profile a competitive edge. Introducing the Mountain of Agents zip code reservation service. As a registered member, reserving a zip code pins your listing to the top of results during user searches.

When you reserve a zip code, your profile receives precise, unparalleled visibility in search results.

Since only two agents can reserve the same zip code at any given time, the race is on to secure the zip code you market to before your competitors. Best of all is the price, which allows agents to reserve any zip code for a three-month period for just $35 (less than $13 per month). It’s simple, fast and easy to reserve a zip code. Click here to learn more about zip code reservation.

Join today at and help spread the word to great real estate agents in your area. Don’t forget to follow Mountain of Agents on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Don’t be Lazy with Your Passwords!

On Sunday, December 12 2010, 1.3 million Gawker media accounts were hacked. Some of the information – emails and passwords – was released on the Internet.

Gawker has asked all its users to change their passwords. While this is certainly an inconvenience, the issue is far more serious for anyone who’s been lazy with their passwords.

Let’s face it – modern life demands that we use countless passwords. Our bank, online grocery shopping, social media sites, email, and many other sites are asking that we create an account and register with them prior to using their services. For many of these sites, it’s a great way to develop a huge email list for marketing purposes. Some demand that we register to avoid spam.

For us, as users, it means that the temptation to use a single user name and password across all accounts is huge. But as convenient as this might be, the recent Gawker Media fiasco demonstrates just how risky it can be. If you use the same user name/password combination across all your accounts, a hacker who hacks into one account gains access to all of them.

So what should you do? You can use password management software. If you prefer to manage your passwords by yourself, ideally you should have a separate password for each account. Keep those passwords written somewhere, but not stored on your computer.

If this is too much if a hassle, at the very least, you should create a separate password for each financial account. Never use the same password that you use on low-security social media sites, for example, for online banking. And if you have more than one online banking account, it’s best to use a different password for each of those accounts.

As for the passwords, do yourself a favor and – unless the account is of no importance to you – avoid the most common passwords that people tend to use– these include “123456,” “password,” “letmein” and more. The best passwords have at least 12 characters, are random (not a real word), and include a combination of lower and higher case letters and of special characters.

Password management is a big headache, but it’s part of modern life. Don’t be lazy with your passwords! The risk is simply too high.

New Video Posting Tool for Real Estate Agents

For many years Real Estate agents have struggled to create professional, engaging videos for their listings.  The expense of having a professional video shot has always been cost prohibitive and the quality for most do-it-yourselfers usually leaves something to be desired. Virtuets seeks to solve these issues by enabling real estate professionals to create property videos that won’t break the bank.

This December, Properties Online will be releasing their new product called Virtuets. Virtuets allow real estate professionals to create stunning videos for each listing using still images, music and a whole lot of pizzazz! The agent can select the genre and music that best fits the property and the Virtuet’s engine does the rest. Agents can share the videos on YouTube, blogs or Facebook!  Additionally, they can burn each Virtuet to a DVD for safe storage. These engaging videos will impress even the most discriminating seller. The company plans to release this new product as an added value service for their website products and but will also launch a stand alone version in 2011.

-Amanda Cornelius,

Why Does Craigslist Drive the Most Traffic?

The short answer: Because of its huge volume of traffic! Craigslist is a fascinating Internet phenomenon. It reminds us of Facebook: a site that started small, based on a simple, localized idea, but then ballooned into a huge site that everyone wants to use.

Ask any seasoned agent and they will tell you that Craigslist is an incredible tool for agents. There’s absolutely no comparison – when you place a listing on Craigslist, it gets you more traffic than any other listing.

Craigslist was started in 1995 by Craig Newmark with the modest goal of helping people find affordable housing in San Francisco. It is now the most popular online classifieds website in the world, with over 10 million monthly visitors. Agents can take advantage of this huge traffic by posting free ads and by scanning ads seeking homes and answering them.

In addition to its huge amounts of traffic, another useful feature of Craigslist is that it is divided by localities and categories. So as an agent, you can post to the areas that you service. In addition to cities, the real estate section of Craigslist is divided into specific sections, so there are separate sections for apartments/houses for rent, office & commercial, real estate for sale, vacation rentals and more.

In most locations, posting an ad on Craigslist is free. You can create single ads for specific properties, or an ad listing all your available properties for an area. Craigslist ads are easy to create and require no coding design or HTML knowledge. You should definitely include images in your ad – these have been shown to vastly improve response rates. Choosing a great title for your ad is also very important. Try to write a catchy title that includes the words people might search for when looking for the properties you sell.