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The Serious Impact of Flood Insurance on Real Estate Markets

Stronger storms have taken their toll across the U.S. Yet real estate news points to a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in peril. Long-term reauthorization of the program remains in limbo, with yet another 4-week extension allotted by Congress. But this short-term fix gives little confidence to homeowners, who stand to lose access to flood insurance if the NFIP lapses.

FEMA Could Stop Selling/Renewing Policies Nationwide…
Stymying sales on properties with a flood insurance requirement to the tune of 40,000-sales/month nationwide. And though private insurers are popping-up, this option is not available in every state, limiting opportunities for Americans seeking to protect themselves from flood losses.

NAR Pushes for Five-Year Re-Authorization
A senior policy rep for the NAR is pressing for the passage of the 21st Century Flood Reform Act. The bill would provide money for helping homeowners mitigating flood risk, limit insurance rate hikes, and improve flood mapping, seen as key to success. Of the more than 180,000 Houston-area properties flooded by hurricane Harvey (10% of the property tax roll), only 15% were covered by a flood insurance policy. Many of the homes imperiled by Harvey’s historic 50-inch rainfall were outside federally-recognized flood zones, and were uncovered. Improved flood mapping would increase awareness of flood risk, alerting homeowners to the need for coverage in areas previously designated as outside flood zones.

What Will the Future Hold?
Imagine the future of markets without access to this insurance. Homeowners need confidence in the availability of flood insurance. Though a lapse in the NFIP is unlikely, and FEMA will continue to have the authorization to pay valid claims with available funds, the realty community and homeowners await upcoming NFIP real estate news. Congress has until January 19, 2018 to take its next step.

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The Real Estate Forecast for 2018

Forbes Commentator on the 2018 Real Estate Forecast

In real estate news, the national real estate forecast for 2018-2019 is pointing to declining demand for new (not replacement) single family dwellings (houses, apartments, condos, and mobile homes). What are the driving forces behind the prediction for housing market deceleration?

Population Growth Slams on the Brakes
The biggest driver of housing demand growth, population growth is at its slowest in recent years. Last year, the U.S. population rose a meager 0.7% – the lowest gain on the books since 1937. Before the last recession, growth hovered around 1.2%, which isn’t as close to that 0.7% as you think: At that growth rate, housing built for new demand is far less than those needed to accommodate 1.2% population growth, a mere 58%. Forget old housing start averages. Look to the previous year’s builds and expect moderate additions.

Pent-Up Demand is Puttering Out
Non-rental housing of mostly single-family homes and some condos is currently at an average vacancy rate of 1.4-1.5%, compared to 2.9% during the recession. Supply is no tighter than normal, and though nationwide price increases are a bit on the high-side, a housing bubble is not imminent.

Employment and Wages are Out of Gas
With job growth relatively slow and wage inflation yet to accelerate, people are less able to live on their own, whether that means moving out of a parent’s basement or absconding from an ex-spouse. Though wage rates are expected to improve next year, the change is not expected soon enough to influence demand for housing.

Local Fluctuations Pose Obstacles
Though these forces drive new demand nationally, local fluctuations should be expected. Real estate news pointing to an excess of homes in Flint or Detroit will not help those searching for homes in Miami or NYC. Looking to the above demographics in your state or metropolitan area may reinforce or negate this ‘new build’ barometer.

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Make It Easy to Market Your Listings by Video

Our Virtuets Marketing Tools Makes Using Video to Sell Listings Easy

Burnt out with the same tired print and email marketing mediums? Wish you could dip a toe into the waters of video usage in real estate marketing, but afraid your lack of technological wisdom will leave you shivering on the proverbial edge of the pool? Warm up to a video listing tool that does the work for you.

Come On In, the Water’s Beautiful!
A simple but effective way for agents to easily add engaging video content to their websites, the time has never been better to dive into video usage in real estate marketing. And the best part is, you already have the skills! With a decent smartphone or camera, with still shots or video, you can create beautiful, professional listing videos that today’s sellers crave.

Why Take the Plunge?
Today’s sellers want to stand out from the crowd and decrease time-consuming and unnecessary property tours. Listing videos offer potential buyers the capability to tour homes in minutes from the comfort of a couch, and without inconveniencing themselves, live-in sellers, or agents. And for those already benefiting from single property website subscription from Properties Online, the service is FREE!

A Pool of Opportunity
Properties Online’s latest video builder tool does all the work for you, taking your still shots or video footage and compiling a stunning listing video that has all the bells and whistles, including:

– An array of design and music offerings.
– HD quality footage.
– A non-branded, IDX-compliant version for your local MLS.
– Captions and voice-overs (automatically added!).
– Automatic YouTube syndication for easy shareability (Facebook, Craigslist, email…) and improved search engine optimization.
– Branded logo bumpers.
– A ‘call to action’ with your photo/logo.
– Optional introductory clips, and Spanish translation.

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Leverage Mobile to Reach More Potential Buyers and Sellers

QR Codes: Your Key to Leveraging Mobile Sales

You’ve seen QR codes popping up everywhere, the Rorschach-reminiscent symbols gracing everything from candy bars to cars. Scanning them into your smartphone or mobile device puts information quickly at your fingertips. And scans are up: 7.5% among users, alongside an 11% increase in generated codes from 2015 to 2016. The question is, in today’s mobile device driven economy, are you leveraging this technology to your advantage, or watching opportunity pass you by?

QR Codes are Ideal for Mobile Device Real Estate Marketing
Extremely versatile, QR codes from Properties Online’s Smart Lead Capture offer multifaceted marketing opportunities, making access to coveted real estate listing information a snap…

Take advantage of QR codes in print and email marketing campaigns…
Providing fast access to listing details, property photos and listing videos, automated voice information, map directions to properties or open houses, or simply sending potential customers to your website via postcards or other direct and email marketing campaigns.

Add a QR code on your business card (or car)…
Giving customers fast access to your website and area listings.

Fly a QR code with listing signage…
With a custom sign rider. Ideal for unoccupied residences, QR codes offer fast access to photos, giving buyers a far better look at listings than merely peeking through windows. A proven way to capture leads and drive traffic to a property’s mobile website, QR codes eliminate the need for buyers to jot down listing details – only to forget/lose them later.

Engage customers in listing videos…
Provide fast access to home tours.

Provide the fast follow-up necessary to cinch sales…
With text auto-responders that provide instant listing information, and lead alerts that help you stay on top of new prospects.

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Real Estate Video Provides a Strong Return on Investment

Video: The Biggest Return on Investment for Real Estate Marketing

Looking for a marketing medium that offers a dramatic return on investment? Video in real estate marketing delivers! 85% of buyers and sellers are seeking an agent who uses video. Why? Homes listed via video get four-times (four-times!) the inquiries of those without, and offer a far faster, decipherable, more user-friendly means of perusing homes and neighborhoods.

What About the Expense?
Video is an additional, though affordable expense. But with today’s smartphone and tablet technology, it’s no more expensive time or money-wise than taking listing photos, particularly with today’s convenient video builder technology.

How Can You Make the Most Out of Your Video Investment?

– Stick with What’s Popular
Among the majority of Americans looking to video for real estate research, 86% look to video for community information; 70% rely on it to conveniently tour the inside of homes from the comfort of the couch. These avenues, therefore, offer the most bang for your buck. Can’t afford both? Look to a production venue that can combine home listing and community information, nabbing both types of prospects and minimizing costs.

– Think “Evergreen”
To make the most of video in real estate, look to “evergreen” content: Recyclable content you can use again and again, such as community information and personal promotional videos.

– Syndicate
YouTube is the top destination for house hunters – even over listing websites. Make this your default syndication location, setting up your own channel, organizating your playlist, and integrating search-friendly keywords and tags to boost exposure.

– Share
The more places you post your video, the more likely you are to be found. Go beyond YouTube and real estate website posts, sharing via pasting your video link into your local MLS, Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter posts, and other social venues.

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