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Don’t Use Yet? “Unthreatening” Chatbots Are Changing Real Estate Search.

In this week’s real estate selling tips, we’ll cozy-up to the latest Chatbots – software that automatically responds to client/guest questions and requests with the help of a messenger-style widget. Powered by artificial intelligence, these rockin’ robots are more than automated answering machines, capable of understanding conversational language and responding in-kind. And with over 83% of buyers and renters beginning their home search online, they may prove very kind to you!

Chattering Chatbots
Many homeowners are familiar with chatbot technology in the form of Alexa and Siri – they just take it for granted. And the who’s who of the tech community jumped aboard last year, including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. Since then, the tech has gone forth and multiplied – possibly arriving at a brokerage near you – due to the life-like, conversational services of the system. It’s so realistic that chatbox users feel as if they’re communicating with a real human representative on the other side of the screen.

Helping People & Making Businesses More Efficient
Rather than replacing agents, as is a common fear in the real estate community, chatbots offer integral support – but nothing that can replace a flesh-and-blood agent’s ability to handle transactions. While you’re researching leads, preparing for property viewings, and closing sales, a chatbot can…

  • Handle initial client contact
  • Organize duties as per client requests
  • Qualify/prioritize leads
  • Provide you with necessary knowledge prior to meetings
  • Manage a large number of inquiries

Chatbots also save money, providing 24/7 customer service access to home shoppers that would otherwise be expensive to maintain with a live telephone or in-person customer service chat staff. This allows you to focus on the core part of your business, rather than taking requests, tracking your endless to-do list, or qualifying clients.

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Staying Out of the Spam Bucket: Tips for Great Real Estate Copy…

Words have power, effecting your persona, sales and growth.  The right words help your real estate marketing content stand out – the right way. They keep digital content from ending up kissing cousins with file 13, and print work out of your prospect’s stack of puppy poopy papers. Is your content good, or garbage-worthy?

How can you keep your marketing out of the proverbial compost? With these common sense real estate business tips:

  • Pick up a book.
    To be well-written, you must be well-read. Crack open a book and munch lunch with “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley or “Epic Content Marketing” by Joe Pulizzi to start – and make reading a habit.
  • Don’t pull it out of your…
    Practice writing, gathering your thoughts on post-its, napkins, a smart device, or computer before putting them into print. This will help you develop rhythm, voice, and style. Great writing takes work.
  • Be short-winded.
    Witty as you may be, clients don’t want to waste their time reading unnecessary material. A key facet of great content is tightening – like you try to do at the airport with your free carry-on bag.
  • Use your noodle.
    Research and think things through before publishing or posting to social media – hastily created content may come back to bite you in the butt.
  • Recognize when you don’t “have it.”
    It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses is among the most essential real estate business tips. If that’s you, hire someone. Ghostwriters can really help you pull your thoughts together and make something spectacular, turning individual and team ideas into blogposts, and churning out content faster.

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Why You Should Send Video Email

2014 marked a significant change for us at Properties Online, in terms of our e-communications, because it’s the year we started sending video emails. We’re hooked, and being in the real estate world, we know that what works for us may work great for you, as well. So here are my thoughts on why you should send video email.

2014 marked a significant change for us at Properties Online, in terms of our e-communications, because it’s the year we started sending video emails. We’re hooked, and being in the real estate world, we know that what works for us may work great for you, as well. So here are my thoughts on why you should send video email.

Digital video has been called one of the greatest tools a marketer can use. Research conducted by Comscore revealed that video consumption increased by 800% between 2008 and 2014. According to Google, video appears in 70% of the top 100 search listings. What does this all mean? It means that when people are online, from their computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones, they are looking for videos to help them make decisions. So when people move from online search to their inboxes, you can give them what they want. In a sea of emails, you can make yours stand out by giving them video before they even have to go looking for it!

We use BombBomb’s video email service. One of the great things about BombBomb is that they understand the needs of the real estate email marketer. The service even integrates with Realtors Property Resource (RPR), which means you can attach branded RPR Market Activity Reports based on city, neighborhood, zip code, region, etc., to your video email. Including valuable market activity information along with video in your email means you are addressing even more needs proactively and readily, boosting your chance of hitting your target.

Tracking and scheduling functionality are not unique to video email campaigns, but they are fun and they are important. No matter how you send your email communications, you should be sure to have tracking, analytics and scheduling set up. Add video, and you’ll be able to see not only who opened your email or clicked through to your single property website, for instance, but also who watched your video. Did the recipients who played your video have a higher rate of click through to your property website?

You can record video on the go, which means you can be at a new listing, record a clip on your smartphone or tablet, and send it to a client simply and quickly. You can get notified when a recipient opens your email, watches a video, or clicks a link, which means you’ll be able to follow up with the most interested people promptly.

Real estate is a business built on relationships. It’s a people business. Including video in your email makes your emails more relatable, more personable and more relevant. You can talk to your prospects and to your clients. Actually talk. And more people will be listening. Vidyard statistics show that content without video attrcted an average click through rare of 6.7%, while email with video averaged a 10.3% click through rate, which is an overall increase of 54 percent!

Drip Email Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Drip email marketing programs enable you to automate your email marketing.

When working to grow your business, one of your biggest challenges as a real estate professional is the typically long buying cycle in the real estate market. Unlike an e-commerce merchant, for example, who offers items on the web and pretty much either sells them immediately to those who land on her site or not at all, your sales cycle takes time to mature. Drip email marketing for real estate agents can make a significant and positive difference to your sale cycle.

The time lapse between the point at which a person contacts you, whether via referral or through your website, and until they actually buy a house, is usually at least several months, and sometimes even longer. That’s why your goal as a realtor is not just to generate leads, but also to nurture them until they are ready to buy.

Lead nurturing means staying in touch, contacting your leads (which include past clients) periodically, and providing them with valuable material. You don’t want to nag! You want to establish yourself as someone who is willing to assist even before they officially become your clients. One of the best ways to do that is to send prospects periodic emails with relevant info such as buying and selling statistics in their area, a list of homes that might be of interest to them, or tips on buying and selling a home. But managing such an email campaign manually, when you have more than a few leads, is time consuming – so time consuming in fact that if you don’t automate your email marketing campaign, chances are you just won’t do it!

Drip email marketing programs were designed to help. These programs enable you to automate your email marketing. Instead of doing it all manually, you enter each new contact into the program’s database, then determine how often you want to email them and with what content. The system does the rest, freeing you to focus on generating new leads and on closing deals.

Considering the high value they give you, drip email marketing programs are surprisingly affordable. Drip365, for example, one of our favorite drip email marketing programs, costs just $19.95 per month, and offers a free 30-day trial.

Leverage Email Drip Marketing in Your Real Estate Business

Email marketing has been through many phases of popularity over the years. While it seems to be trumped in many cases these days by SMS marketing, it still very much has a purpose. It can be an extremely effective way to convert long-term leads into sales, if you use drip marketing.

Drip marketing is the process of sending repeated, relevant messages to your prospects until they are ready to buy. Drip marketing is like drip irrigation, where farmers and gardeners apply small amounts of water to plants over long periods of time to keep them healthy.

And now is the time to leverage email drip marketing in your real estate business.

There is a principle in the marketing world known as “The Law of 29”.  This principle states that an average prospect will not turn into a client until they’ve viewed your marketing message at least 29 times. With Drip365 you can set your clients and prospects up to receive automatic emails from you throughout the year, keeping your brand and your business in their mind when and if it comes time to buy or sell a property.

NAR statistics tells us that 66% of buyers and 59% of sellers would “definitely” use their real estate again. But one 10% of buyers and 24% of sellers actually did. What happened and how can you prevent this repeat customer loss in your own real estate business?

You clients need constant reminders of who you are, what you do and what does that mean for them. Maintaining consistent, professional, relevant contact gives you a much greater chance to be called on again as a real estate agent. But that kind of contact takes a great deal of time, and is prohibitive. That’s why so many real estate professionals fall down on this job. But they, and you, don’t have to.

Drip marketing is the answer to that time dilemma. What’s more, products like Drip365 do more than automate that important communication. Drip365 includes limitless, pre-built, fully customizable email campaigns for buyers, sellers, past clients and more.

We’ve talked a lot in the past about embracing technology that can help move your business forward. Drip email is just such a thing – it is a system that is meant to assist you in getting your message out to your prospects while freeing up your time to do what you do best: generating leads, listing houses and negotiating sales on behalf of your clients.