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Green Marketing for a Green Home


Building a green home includes a careful focus on conservation. A “green” Realtor is making conservation a key focus of her green homemarketing plan. Laura Reedy Stukel, an EcoBroker Certified sales agent, is the listing agent for 250 N. Myrtle Avenue in Elmhurst, Illinois. A first-of-its-kind in Elmhurst, the home was built using the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) checklist. Stukel developed a green marketing plan to compliment the green building plan.

“Why rely on paper to promote and sell a green home?” says the builder Linda Marick of LINDAM Property Group, Inc. Instead, the program uses digital tools including a custom website, a blog and the text messaging and photo functions on a cell phone. Other unique activities include digital staging and a series of educational open houses promoted via social media.

Stukel believes the unique package of online tools will attract the right buyer, and make it easier when it comes time to write a contract. Digital files encourage online sharing, can be referenced later, do not get lost, and eliminate at least one round of printing when making an offer.

The program will use 94% less paper than Stukel’s previous marketing plan. A double-sided postcard serves as the entire marketing brochure. The postcard provides room sizes and photos and directs buyers to the website for details. It replaces both a double-sided flyer in a flyer box outside the home and an eight-page brochure inside.

Themarketing program is designed to appeal to buyers regardless of what content delivery method they prefer: a website featuring the property’s address as the URL for basic details, a custom blog for full details and a mobile text-back service for instant information. Both the website and the text-back service are provided by at The blog is hosted by WordPress at Disclosure forms and the home’s latest LEED checklist are hosted in the local multiple listing service byMidwest Real Estate Data.

“The blog is such a great alternative to the in-house brochure,” states Stukel. “I have much more freedom to include descriptions, photos and manufacturer links to really tell the story of this home.”

Buyers can browse by categories, keyword tags and the search function. Stukel explains that this flexibility improves the experience for each visitor. “One buyer might hit the kitchen description because that’s where they like to start and it was first up in the queue of posts,” she explains. “Another might search for ‘Viking appliances’ and a third might use the category ‘green features’.” Stukel is partnering on the site and the digital marketing of the home with a lender offering green financing. Erin Griffin of CorbyMortgage is providing online links to green loan rates and a mortgage application. She is offering the unique Green Solutions Lending program on the home. The program rewards buyers with lower interest rates and discounted fees for purchasing a green home.The digital marketing is a natural fit for Griffin. “There are no paper files in my office right now. Not one!” she says. CorbyMortgage uses a combination of secure servers to offer the online application. Then once an application is started, the Corby team scans documents or uses a digital fax system to store them. Griffin copies client files to her computer and backs them up on another secure server. Stukel is also incorporating a new real estate technology tool: digital staging. Digital staging allows a single room to be viewed in several interior design options. Stukel used services from Virtually Staging Properties to showcase the front room as both a living room and a dining room. The service adds furniture digitally to stage a photo of a vacant room. “This is a case where trying to use fewer resources creates a bonus,” explains Marick. “The floorplan was designed to be flexible and digital staging allows a buyer to envision the option that suits them best. Digital staging is the only way to show off both options at once and really highlight what is special about this home.”

Additional social media activities have successfully drawn over 300 people to tour the home through special events. The main events were a series of open houses called “Green Reality Checks” to allow local residents to take a self-guided tour through the home and learn about green features from the local contractors who installed them. Stukel is hoping that making the home available beyond those who are actively shopping for a green home will make others aware of the unique features and could eventually lead to the right buyer. All the events were promoted using social media tools such as Stukel’s own blog, Evite for online invitations, Facebook, a local email distribution list for green-minded residents and local online calendars such as the ones offered by the Elmhurst Chamber of Commerce and local newspapers.

The home was built by LINDAM Property Group. It is listed for sale at $829,900. Contact Stukel at 773-251-1631 or visit for full details.

About Linda Marick/Lindam Property Group
Contact: 630-841-9439

About US Green Building Council
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System
See website for details

About Laura Reedy Stukel
Laura Reedy Stukel is an experienced Realtor ® at L.W. Reedy, carrying on the legacy her grandfather started nearly 60 years ago. She is an EcoBroker Certified ® agent with advanced understanding of the energy and environmental issues important to home buyers and sellers. Stukel created the proprietary Ready, Set, Green Homessm program to address a gap in green homes locally. The program encourages green building practices while remodeling homes. It also includes assistance with local green lending to help buyers secure better financing for green projects. And, it enables sellers to assist buyers in the process to secure green funding. Stukel blogs about local green real estate topics in a friendly and money-conscious manner at She can be reached at 773/251-1631.

About L.W. Reedy Real Estate
Founded in 1951, the firm has expanded from a one man office to one with more than 75 sales associates. Maintaining a quality reputation for over 50 years, the company focuses on personal service, integrity and technology to gain the trust of clients. The company’s history dates back to Larry Reedy, Sr., known as the “Old Pro,” who used his unique charisma to bond with a family and match them with their dream home. It is a tradition that continues today. Its homepage is L.W. Reedy is located at 101 N. York Road in Elmhurst, Illinois.

About Erin Griffin, Corby Mortgage
Erin has worked in the financial and real estate sectors for nine years and has been with Corby Mortgage Services for five years. Having lived and experienced the beauty of Alaska forever made an impression on Erin. The environment is of the utmost importance at this critical time, and any progressive action to help should be rewarded! Erin has taken her passion for nature and created the “Green Solutions” Lending Program.

About Virtually Staging Properties
Contact: 630-841-9439


About Listing Domains

Market Your Real Estate Website with Property Widgets

We have already discussed the importance of using social media in marketing real estate. Today we’d like to add that an important part of any real estate social media marketing campaign is using property widgets.

Property widgets are dynamic buttons that you can place online to showcase and promote your listings. A property widget is an excellent teaser – it shows just enough to entice people and make them want to click on the widget, which then takes them to your agent website.

At Real Estate Sites, we deeply believe in utilizing social media marketing as much as possible. Therefore, we automatically create an RSS feed for your listings. This enables you to build property widgets and post them to your blog, to micro blogging sites such as Twitter, and to social networking sites such as Facebook.

Because RSS is dynamic, and changes whenever you change your listings or add a new listing, your widget will automatically reflect that – the widget gets updated whenever you add or remove a listing.

By adding a property widget to your various social media outlets, you can create more awareness around your offerings, strengthen your brand, and drive highly targeted traffic to your agent website.

Drive More Traffic to your Listing Website with Online Classifieds

New craigslist flyers

We’ve already discussed the importance of marketing and promoting your single property websites after you have created them.

We also said that as real estate professionals, we are very aware of how busy you are and so have made it our goal to include as many useful tools and features as possible in our listing websites in order to make the important task of marketing your website significantly easier.

One of the best features we have included in our property websites is providing you with an html snippet of your website. This html snippet enables you to easily cut and paste your data into online classified sites such as the very popular Craigslist, Backpage or Ebay.

Don’t forget to take advantage of this free service. Craigslist can be a powerful tool for generating free traffic to your property website. It is one of the most popular websites in the world, with millions of daily visitors.

Regularly posting relevant Craigslist classifieds that point to your listings and include a link to your property websites have the potential of driving significant amounts of highly targeted traffic to your property websites. Get in the habit of using our handy html snippet for each listing and you can see a real difference in the amount of traffic your site receives.

Get More Traffic to your Property Website with Listing Syndication

Creating a single property website for each of your listings is an excellent way to use online tools to enhance your real estate marketing efforts.

However, as any seasoned webmaster knows, creating a website is not enough – you need to make sure the website is actually found by search engines and by potential home buyers.

At Listing Domains, we are aware that you need to market your website, and we are also very aware of how busy you are and how little time you have to engage in marketing efforts. This is why we included so many social media and online marketing tools in our single property websites. The tools are built right in, so that you can easily use them to promote your listings. In many cases, the tools are doing the work for you.

Whenever you create a single property website with Listing Domains, we automatically feed your website to all the major search engines such as Google and Bing. We also add your meta tags for you, to make sure each website is indexed properly by search engines.

In addition to sending your property websites to search engines, we also feed them to major property website portals, including GoogleBase, Trulia, Zillow, and more.

Making sure your website is included in search engines and in property website portals helps your website get the most traffic in the least amount of time.

Single Property Websites: Track Your Website Statistics

Any seasoned webmaster will tell you that having access to your website statistics is a crucial part of running a website. What’s more, website statistics are an integral part of any online marketing campaign. They are the best, most accurate feedback system.

Any seasoned webmaster will tell you that having access to your website statistics is a crucial part of running a website. What’s more, website statistics are an integral part of any online marketing campaign. They are the best, most accurate feedback system.

Checking your website statistics tells you if what you’ve been doing so far is working, and whether you need to keep fine-tuning your search engine optimization and your social media marketing efforts in order to gain more visibility and achieve better results.

As experienced real estate professionals AND seasoned webmasters, we know it doesn’t make sense to build a single property website without giving you convenient access to the website’s statistics. This is why each of our property websites has built-in website statistics that tell you how many unique visitors you have had, and also tell you the top 5 referring search engines.

In addition, you can easily view your daily activity, monthly activity and total visitors. We have also included a reporting function in our property websites. This useful tool allows you to email a detailed report to your sellers. You can show them exactly how popular their home is!