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Bucking the Trend: Dropping Mortgage Rates

Despite expected real estate trends, the average interest rates for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages have experienced an unexpected drop. Typically, when the Fed raises interest rates, mortgage rates likewise climb, as seen in recent short-term hikes as recently as March (and with two more that are expected later this year).

However, for the first time since November 2016, Freddie Mac reported rates below 4%. In fact, as of the week following Memorial Day, 30-year fixed-rate mortgages averaged 3.94%, dropping to rates even lower than the same time last year, reaching a new 2017 low.

What Gives?
As nail-biting would-be buyers raise their eyebrows, Wall Street investors are nodding their heads – because while mortgage interest rates are influenced by the Fed’s short-term interest rates, they’re more closely tied to the 1-year U.S. Treasury bond market. Investors consider the short-term bond market safer than volatile stocks.

When investors get spooked (think: market downturn or an unpredictable government administration), they shift their money into bonds, which mortgage rates are an inverse reflection of: Bonds up = mortgages down.

How Long Will it Last?
As lower interest rates translate into lower monthly payments for buyers, many are watching the market with a hopeful eye. Even 15-year fixed-rate mortgages and five-year adjustable rate mortgages are riding the downward trend, pushing buyers into a home-buying frenzy. And with good reason: Rates are expected to continue their gradual climb.

However, with today’s financial and political uncertainty, the ‘when’ is anybody’s guess. Meanwhile, home shoppers are trying to take advantage of added opportunities to up-scale (size, location, amenities) as even mere fractions of a point could add up to hundreds more per month in mortgage payments.

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How to Optimize Tags as Keywords in YouTube to Boost Search Rankings

Increase Youtube Target Keywords

Seeing lackluster results from video usage in real estate marketing? It may be tag optimization issues. Does that sound Greek to you? No worries. We’ll cover it here…

What are Tags?
The term ‘tag’ can be confusing, because it refers to two types:

1. Public tagging.
This is how viewers label, organize, and manage their YouTube content. ‘Crafts,’ ‘Recipes,’ ‘Workouts,’ or ‘Homes to See,’ for example. (Viewers create their own.)

2. Publisher tagging of keywords.
These describe your video so YouTube’s search algorithm can understand what it’s about. ‘Realty Tips,’ ‘How to Stage a Home,’ and ‘Home Staging Tips,’ for example. With this info, YouTube can rank your video based on search terms (ranking = more views), and pop it up as a recommended video for those searching similar snippets.

Finding & Optimizing Tags
Unfortunately, there’s no magic tag solution for every realtor. Each is unique. But you can develop your own system for boosting views:

• Brainstorm
A good place to start is considering terms you might search if you were looking for a similar video. Develop 5 possible searches/keywords (limit 500 characters/per).

• Widen Your View
After narrowing your search down, think broader, looking for at least 3 more general keywords. Think: ‘Real Estate + Area/County/State’ or ‘Find a Realtor.’

• Narrow Things Down
On the flipside, consider very specific keywords, maybe a goal of 3. For example, ‘Fix and Flip in City/Neighborhood,’ or ‘3 Miles from Area Elementary’.

• Research Competitors
See what tags they’re using – but don’t copy them exactly. You can uncover professional tags with browser extension VidIQ and TubeBuddy.

• Try a Tool
Like and Ubersuggest.

• Ensure Maximum Searchability
Use singular and plural, varying word order, video suggestions that come-up next to your search, and even common misspellings.

• Don’t Neglect Your Title/Description
Tags are only part of the SEO puzzle.

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Where Exactly Should You Place Your New Real Estate Videos?

Video usage in real estate marketing can be tricky. Bark up the wrong marketing tree, and all your time and effort could go up in smoke. So where exactly should you place your video so all that work turns into hot leads – and not a hot bin of digital bits?

  1. YouTube
    The second largest search engine in the world has more than 1 billion unique users visit the site each month, spending more than 4 billion hours perusing video. A subsidiary of Google, YouTube videos rise to the top in 55% of Google’s top ten search results. Bonus: You can also set up your YouTube account to autoshare, linking videos directly to Google+, Twitter, and more.
  2. Facebook
    Facebook often delivers more views than YouTube, making it a great place to list. So, should you skip YouTube then? Not at all. YouTube is still essential to search engine optimization (SEO) and getting your video ranked in Internet search results, such as Google. Also, it’s far easier to embed and disperse your video content from the YouTube site.
  3. Your Site
    Always embed your YouTube videos on your real estate website. Doing so will boost YouTube views.
  4. The Recycle Bin
    Not the literal recycle bin, but your online content recycle bin – via the creation of ‘evergreen’ content: Content that will remain relevant for at least 2 years. Examples of evergreen real estate video content include neighborhood reviews, how to stage a home for sale, client testimonials, and other topics, which unlike listing videos, will not become irrelevant the minute a house sells.
  5. Your Schedule
    Plan on creating one video per week, adding this must-have to your schedule book to ensure future marketing success.

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Tips for Optimizing for Local Searches

Tips on Optimizing Your Real Estate Video for Local Searches

Video usage in real estate marketing can sometimes seem tricky – especially when it comes to optimizing your latest creation to gain viable, local leads.

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is key to those top Google rankings everyone covets. You use it every day – keying in your search dujour to magically populate information. But there’s a method to this informational insanity…

Rising to the Top
To get your video in front of the right eyes, you’ll need the right recipe for success:

  1. A relationship with YouTube.
    The #2 search engine after (and owned by) Google, YouTube offers reliable – and highly visible – video hosting. Listing videos here weights in page rankings, which are seamlessly integrated into Google search results, and can integrate with your G+ account.
  2. A killer title.
    Your chosen title should be relevant, stand out, and entice, with strong adjectives, catchy phrases or interesting questions… ‘Breathtaking Farmland’… or… ‘A Little Slice of Heaven’… with the property address. Not that creative? A traditional listing name will get the job done: ‘123 Any Street, Roy’s Real Estate, Detroit.’
  3. A geotag that’s going places.
    To coordinate your video with your business’ location.
  4. The right digits.
    Make sure your NAP (name, address, phone number, and site link) are in the video description – AND THE CONTENT – so you can be easily contacted.
  5. Deep embedding.
    Embedding videos onto your website will help get the videos more views. Results are weighed heavier on pages with text – so add an intro before or put the transcript on the page after the video.
  6. A sharing heart.
    Promote and share your video on every possible social media outlet, using the correct social sharing links for each platform for best viewing and to create a ripple-effect of sharing.

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Marketing via Drone Video is a Whole New Way of Seeing Real Estate!

Why Overlooking Video is a Massive Marketing Mistake

Not ready yet to jump onto the bandwagon when it comes to video in real estate marketing? You could be making a massive marketing mistake. Eighty-five percent of buyers and sellers WANT an agent who utilizes video marketing – and that’s not just for “show.”

  • Video boosts Google rankings, increasing organic traffic 157%.
  • Consumers are more likely to select video results over text.
  • Video listings get four times the inquiries of those without.
  • Adding videos to your emails doubles click-through rates – and reduces opt-outs 75%.
  • Using videos massively boosts sharing – 1200% more than links and text messages combined.

On A Budget? Get the Most Bang for Your Marketing Buck
Though video does cost more than simple photos, it is still quite affordable. Statistics show the best way to focus your video marketing to earn the biggest and best return-on-investment include…

  1. Focusing on property videos and community videos.
    Videos most-popular use: 70% of online home shoppers use video to tour the inside of homes without dragging agents to listing sites. 86% also use it to research a particular community (bonus: it’s slow to “date,” making content evergreen and recyclable).
  2. Syndicating to YouTube.
    Holding a 51% audience share, YouTube is the top video research destination for house hunters. So setup your own channel, organize a playlist, and familiarize yourself with user-friendly keyword protocols and take advantage. (Don’t neglect a bio to build your brand!)
  3. Sharing those videos on social.
    Paste your YouTube link into the local MLS, your own website, emails, Facebook and Twitter posts, and more for automatic embedding to ramp up web traffic and views. Properties Online’s line of products includes this service, with most social sites offering FAQs for the uninitiated.

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