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Part Time / Full Time Agents the Bias is Real

Looking Down On Part Timers
Looking Down On Part Timers

What’s the deal with real estate selling part-time agents getting a bad rap from full-timers? Is it unfounded? While the bias is real, the reality is a bit more sticky and a bit less straight-forward than you might expect.

Is perception reality?
Perceived – and real – drawbacks of part-timers include:

  • Scheduling conflicts.
    Being busy with something else other than addressing clients can put a cramp in your business and reputation, especially if scheduling issues are perceived as being responsible for missed offers.
  • Commitment.
    Because they have other employment/responsibilities, the dedication of part-timers are often seen as less dedicated. Worse, if an agent does a poor job, they’re often assumed to be part-time.
  • A lack of market knowledge.
    An essential ingredient in pricing/paying for homes.

A hidden benefits package
Part-timing may not be all bad, however…

  • Less pressure.
    Clients not in a rush to sell, who prefer time to consider offers, may fare better with a part-timer.

A mixed bag
Like most situations in life, the quality of both full and part-time real estate agents is a mixed bag. You must look at why the part-time agent is in the business, and what they’re bringing to the table….

  • Perhaps they’re starting out their careers.
  • Maybe they like the freedom and perks of being an agent, but need a steady base income due to dependents/financial needs.
  • Perhaps they’re interested in realty solely as a means to building their investment property portfolio.

The takeaway
Whether full or part-time, real estate selling bias should boil down to work ethic. The ability of an agent to get things done – not how many hours logged in the office.

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How Hot is Hot in These Top Markets? Hot Spots for Fall Sales

Finding the Perfect Fall Home
Finding the Perfect Fall Home

Are you up on the latest in real estate trends that could spice up your sales? data for early fall shows sellers still have a hot advantage, but it’s cooling slightly in favor of buyers. What else is registering on the thermometer?

Like a heat wave!
Though typically this time of year inventory and demand peak with the start of the school year, this fall’s inventory is continuing to grow.

Feelin’ hot-hot-hot!
Overall demand is still strong, but real estate trends on median days on the market suggest the market is finding more of a balance. A boon for would-be buyers who had to chill-out on buying a home this spring and summer due to lack of inventory.

Gonna make you sweat:

  • The first 3 weeks of August listings inventory grew 3% over July.
  • Median list price increased ($233,000) – up 8% year over year.
  • Median days on the market increased to 75 days (a shift in favor of buyers).
  • The metric is down 6% year over year (translation: the market is hot).
  • A 6% month-over-month gain indicates the slower movement of inventory than earlier in the spring and summer.

The hottest markets?
Inventory in these medium to large size markets is moving with 1.8-3 times more views than the national average, and selling around 29 to 48 days more quickly than homes in other markets of the U.S.:

  1. San Francisco, CA
  2. Dallas, TX
  3. Denver, CO
  4. Vallejo, CA
  5. Santa Rosa, CA
  6. San Jose, CA
  7. San Diego, CA
  8. Midland, TX
  9. Sacramento, CA
  10. Columbus, OH
  11. Ann Arbor, MI
  12. Santa Cruz, CA
  13. Detroit, MI
  14. Los Angeles, CA
  15. Oxnard, CA
  16. Stockton, CA
  17. Yuba City, CA
  18. Austin, TX
  19. San Antonio, TX
  20. Nashville, TN

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Foreclosed on Buyers are Re-entering the Market

The Starter-Home Famine of 2015

Starter Home Famine
Starter Home Famine

Today’s post-housing bubble world is still on the upswing. Good news for realtors and home buyers, right? Unfortunately, that depends on the market segment. Though in some segments of the country housing remains affordable with inventory aplenty, for many others low inventory is dragging down the market, particularly in the lowest priced third.

How bad is it?
Overall June listings are down 6.5% from this time last year, and in the lowest priced third of the market, inventory has declined in 28 of the nation’s 35 largest metro areas. Some of the hardest hit:

  • Charlotte, NC
    • Overall supply: -39.7%
    • Lower tier-priced homes: -48.7%
  • San Antonio, TX
    • Overall supply: -31.3%
    • Lower tier-priced homes: -63.9%
  • San Diego, CA
    • Overall supply: -30%
    • Lower tier-priced homes: 49.4%

Starving for inventory
First-time homebuyers and buyers in lower priced segments of the market are facing increased competition as inventory continues to dwindle, creating problems in a climate of rapidly rising rents that are outpacing home appreciation. Low mortgage interest rates are increasing the attractiveness of homeownership in light of this. In addition, millennials, previously sidelined, are now expressing interest, driving up prices and putting further strain on buyers looking for homes in this segment.

Who hit the brakes?

  • Homeowners.
    They aren’t selling. Some are waiting to recoup value lost when the bubble burst. Others aren’t ready to trade-up or downsize.
  • Builders.
    Cautious since the recovery, builders aren’t building, adding only 700,000 homes to last year’s market, down from the 1.6 million added in a normal housing market. This limits upgrade options for current homeowners.
  • Lenders.
    Stricter lending practices make securing a mortgage more difficult across the board.
  • The economy.
    Damaged balance sheets from the recession and stagnant wage growth continue to hold homeowners back.

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Try The House Out Before You Buy? It May be Coming Thanks to AirBnB

Try It Before You Buy It
Try It Before You Buy It

One of life’s biggest investments, buying a new home involves many unknowns. Sure, someone may like a prospective home’s kitchen, floor plan, or humongous backyard, but buyers are also buying into the neighborhood as well. Are there noise issues? How are the neighbors? What about area amenities? It’s hard to truly kick the tires of a home with so many area unknowns. So what’s a buyer to do? Turns out, and home-rental company AirBnB have a plan…

A realty “test drive
To ease the doubts associated with relocating, the and AirBnB partnership is offering a “try before you buy” feature for prospective homebuyers. The concept is simple. Find a home, then locate it on Scroll down to the spot just above the map feature. There you’ll find area AirBnB locations near the neighborhood of the home for sale. Nearby AirBnB locations are available on each home’s listing page, allowing potential buyers the opportunity to select a property in the neighborhood they’re looking to buy in and spend a few nights.

Performance and safety
As in a test drive, the little things buyers spot in a neighborhood now could be major annoyances later. By taking advantage of this unique opportunity, issues that may have been overlooked can be avoided, offering buyers the ultimate driving – err, home buying experience.

Zero to sixty in 5.1…
AirBnB offers a variety of accommodations in neighborhoods across the country. Birmingham, for example, turns up more than 60 listings from homes and lofts to apartments, ranging in price from $28 to $119 per night. A fast way to get a feel for a community.

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Finding The Best Homes For you
Finding The Best Homes For you

Are we on the verge of a major power shift in the online real estate world? Zillow, once the young upstart overtaking the veteran, may be on the way to losing its crown to the former market share champ.

In 2011, Seattle-based Zillow surpassed in San Jose as the most valuable real estate site. The former still dominates market share, with an average of 141 million unique viewers per month compared to 48 million for the latter. Over the years, intense competition between the two even led to filing suit against Zillow when they lured away some key personnel.

However, received an influx of reserves when parent company Move, Inc. was acquired by News Corporation in November 2014. Since that time its user base has grown by 70 percent. Last quarter its average monthly users increased by 42 percent over the same time in 2014, compared to 22 percent for Zillow.

While speaking at last month’s Inman Connect conference in California,’s CEO Ryan O’Hara attributed the growth to leveraging the synergy between the site and News Corporation’s holdings, which include the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and Fox. According to O’Hara, now has widgets or ads on 500 million pages, giving the site enviable visibility.

Move is attempting to capitalize on the momentum with a new look and national ad campaign launched in May. is being marketed as “the best – and truest – provider of real estate information.” For its part, Zillow plans to spend upwards of $100 million on advertising for 2015, with the bulk of it coming during the second half of the year.

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