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Teardowns May Affect Your Business

Learn the Top Mistakes to Avoid Before Beginning with Real Estate Video

Beginning the journey into video use in real estate marketing may seem like a daunting endeavor. But with the latest video builder tool from Properties Online it can be easier than you think – provided you avoid these common video creation mistakes…

Don’t Go Viral for the Wrong Reasons – Know Before You Go
Before you “go live” with your first video, ensure production success by learning from the mistakes of others:

• Winging It
Videos, particularly bios done on-the-fly, are bad ideas numero uno. This represents you. If you’re going to do it, do it well. Write a script, dress the part, and practice before engaging.

• Lackluster Prep
Not prepping a listing before shooting is like showing up to an open house unshaven, in an old wrinkled tee-shirt, with poop on your shoe and papers hanging out of your briefcase. You’re investing time and money – this disregard will cost sellers.

• Letting it Grow Mold
Typically the local MLS makes it anything but easy to share your marketing videos. Luckily Properties Online Virtuets make it super-easy, with a non-branded IDX-compliant version to add to your local MLS and automatic YouTube syndication for boosting exposure.

• Not Branching Out
You’ll miss out on a massive chunk of potential clients if you never branch-out beyond simple listing videos for your website and MLS. Buyers watch community videos more – and agent finder searches on YouTube increase annually.

• DIY Endeavors
Data undeniably shows professionally produced videos far outperform their DIY counterparts. To maximize marketing effectiveness, you need the help of skilled video production, such as Virtuets video builder tool. Not only can it ensure professional results – it can cut your time investment significantly. The bonus: It’s free with any of the Properties Online family of products.

Get seen for the right reasons with the professional help and guidance of Properties Online, and ensure successful video use in real estate marketing today.

Tips for Putting Together Marketing Videos

Top Marketing Videos to Do For Every Listing

Video usage in real estate marketing is exploding, and surprisingly enough to many agents, it involves more than listing videos. Are you missing out on the benefits that these essential real estate marketing videos can deliver?

Look Beyond Listing Videos to these Prime Video Marketing Solutions:

  • Informational Videos
    Provide value to buyers and sellers alike with short, educational videos on common real estate topics and questions (and lighten your to-do load).
  • Agent/Office Promotional Videos
    What makes you/your office stand out? From awards to finding foreclosures for flipping, tout it in a short promo.
  • Interview Videos
    Generate new leads by interviewing past clients on their first-person experience working with you. Interviews with respected figures in the community, as well as colleagues in the industry (lenders, inspectors, attorneys) will boost your video marketing currency.
  • Profile Videos
    Help potential sellers and buyers better understand what you have to offer with a brief “about me” video, highlighting your family, hobbies, successes, and even funny stories or anecdotes.
  • Neighborhood & Community Videos
    Capture special community events like annual festivals and parades, hone-in on area amenities, shopping and dining hotspots, beautiful scenery and more with a short, informational video to offer a deep and unique community perspective.
  • Local Business Reviews
    Area restaurant, retail store, or business win an award, or simply have a strong community following? Feature these shining venues.
  • Client Testimonials
    Quick, short videos of happy, satisfied clients are among the best video currency.
  • How-To Videos
    Provide potential customers with information on everything from how sellers should prep their home for showings, to how buyers can speed up the perusal process.

Extend Your Reach
Don’t just post these videos on your site, email them as part of your promotional marketing collateral, and more importantly, share them via social networking!

Put video use in real estate marketing to work for you with the latest addition to the Properties Online family. Learn more today!

Keep Your Public Relations Good

Real Estate Service Sampling – Are You In?

Sampling is one of the most proven marketing strategies for increasing sales, and is one of the leading real estate trends successful agents subscribe to. Like the frozen food peddlers at your buying club, giving potential customers a taste can lead them in unexpected directions. And though not quite as simple and attention-grabbing as those tangibly tasty puddings and pies, sampling your services is still just as easy to implement – and equally effective at boosting sales.

Sample packaging
Sampling your knowledge can instill confidence in homeowners that you can meet their buying and selling needs, prove your enthusiasm and authenticity, and boost comfort levels and trust. But what you’re sampling should depend on the modality…

How can you give customers a taste?


• The single best way to sample your service, is a 30 minute face-to-face where you can show your expertise, authenticity, passion, personality, and compassion for clients. (In real situations – not cold-calling, door-knocking, or “schmoozing”.)

• Let those you connect with know you’ll refer business their way when the need arises, and if you meet anyone who can meet their needs, you’ll connect them as well.

Display advertising (keep it short and sweet)

• How long have you served the community?

• How many clients?

• Do you live where you work?

• What local businesses do you love? Partner!


• Be real: Incorporate everyday photos (even silly ones) over Photoshopped headshots.

• Offer recently sold data, upcoming local events, and tips.

Social media

• Post lots of local information, from cool new listings, to historical facts and new business additions.

• Share at-home and at-work personal pictures (i.e.: be human).


• Blog on topics that show your unique knowledge base, and write with personality. (How-to’s, comparison/contrasts, “why” pieces, etc.)

Last marketing effort leave a bad taste in your mouth? Put winning real estate trends to work for you that’ll leave you hungry for more, only with Properties Online.

Crunching Numbers? Here's the Latest on Real Estate.

What’s in a Number? Get More Sales with Number Psychology

Selling or buying a piece of land property, such as a house, is usually the biggest financial decision that you will make in your lifetime. With the high stakes of the transaction, a host of psychological factors come into play that decide the price at which the property is to be sold. You can also use a basic knowledge of psychology to set the price for the property that guarantees the maximum chance of a successful sale:

1. Say no to the 99.99 dollar habit

There’s a myth as old as business itself that removing one unit of currency from the price will convince buyers they’re getting a bargain. This old wives tale is about as helpful for procuring a sale as getting a ritualistic cleansing performed on the house by a gypsy witch to attract more buyers to it.

In the new online world of price searches, listing your house in such a manner will exclude it from the searches for houses that actually fall within your price range.

2. Forget Commas

Putting commas in between the rows of zeroes for your price range draws extra attention to the zeroes, whereas removing the commas fools the buyer on a subconscious level into believing the cost is lower than it actually is.

3. Avoid Round Numbers

Assigning your price in terms of odd numbers (eg – 170470) gives the impression that it is a more closely calculated and thus, final, price offer than if you use round numbers ( eg- 170000).

4. ‘Zero’-ing in on a Discount

While letting your client know about a discount offered on a property, make sure to write out as many zeroes as possible to give the impression of a greater discount price. Saying your client is getting a discount of $10000 dollars doesn’t sound as impressive as saying the discount is for $10000.00. The client will unconsciously associate the extra zeroes with a greater discount price.

First Impressions are Everything: Draw Potential Buyers in with a Welcoming Interior

How to Stage a Home for Listing Photography

Listing photos for a home can make-or-break the potential of getting prospective buyers to book a viewing appointment. Do you know the real estate photography and home staging tips and tricks for playing up the strengths of your saleable listings?

How to Get Great Listing Photos
How to Get Great Listing Photos

Want great listing photos? These tips and tricks are tried and true …

  • Lose the clutter.
    When professional stagers prep a home for market, they typically get rid of half of a home’s “stuff.” This includes too much furniture, one of the main contributors to a cluttered look, as well as closets, a high priority sales item. Sellers reluctant? Ask what’s worse: Clearing clutter – or missing an opportunity to sell?
  • Lighten up.
    Great lighting adds a warm, welcoming feel. Ditch a dreary ambiance by aiming for 100 watts per 50 square feet.
  • Don’t fear furniture relocation.
    Temporarily moving furniture, art, and accessories can help you set the stage for superior real estate photography.
  • Repurpose catch-all spaces.
    Most homes have a room that’s the equivalent of the kitchen junk drawer. Repurposing it to an office or reading space, for instance, adds value and helps buyers better envision space.
  • Practice the art of illusion.
    Paint smaller rooms the same color as adjacent rooms for a seamless look that’ll make the space seem bigger. Matching drapery to wall color will also accomplish this.
  • Be a little odd.
    Accessory groupings of three items of varying sizes and textures are more appealing to the eye, as is wall art that varies by pattern, grouping, and height.
  • Don’t be too bold.
    Neutral and soft wall colors are more appealing than bold ones, which can turn-off buyers.
  • Finish what you started.
    Nothing scares buyers away faster than unfinished projects, missing floorboards, and huge drywall holes. Fix it. It’s less than price deductions.

Listings a little underexposed? Get the help you need with Properties Online today.