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Use Social Media to Promote Your Listings

If you’re not participating in social media yet, you should. It’s where everyone is – including your potential clients and other real estate professionals. Needless to say, you should be part of social media too!

Social media works very well for real estate marketing, because it’s natural. You join a social network such as, say, Twitter, and you start posting useful information and following relevant people.

Agent websites: The Importance of built-in Social Networking Tools

Social media is a powerful real estate marketing tool. Unlike traditional real estate marketing, where you basically “dump” information on people hoping to entice them, social media marketing is all about having a two-way conversation with people, building long-term relationships and cultivating trust. The result: when it’s time for people to use a real estate agent, they are more likely to pick you as their agent.

An Agent Website Can Help You Sell

A professional-looking, easy to navigate agent website should be a big part of your real estate marketing strategy. We are real estate professionals too: we know that as a real estate professional you work hard each and every day to manage your business and to show potential clients that you are different – and better – than other agents. We know competition is fierce, and we want to provide you with the best tools to be the best agent in your market.

Get more REOs

A single property website can generate a lot of traffic and give your REO listings more exposure than traditional methods of marketing real estate. In fact, it will continue to provide great value even if the property sells in just a few days: don’t forget that your sign rider showcasing the property – and you- will hang from the “for sale” sign until the property closes escrow.

Tweet 12 Seconds of Video from your iPhone!

Share your videos on Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, or other networks
12second is a cool app that makes it super easy to share your videos on Twitter and Facebook. Plus they have widgets and embed codes to share on your blog or Myspace, Tumblr, or anywhere else.