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Tips to Marketing Your Listings via Easy Websites

Marketing Your Listing Online
Marketing Your Listing Online

Tired of toiling to keep up with business-related websites and countless social media platforms alongside the multitudinous demands of your clients? There’s a faster, easier, and more affordable solution to your marketing woes…

Make life easier with these real estate selling tips for marketing listings:

  • Get out of HTM-hell.
    Tired of puzzling out code? Create a modern, dynamic and mobile-ready website in minutes that’s fast and easy to update all by yourself. Goodbye web design fees! Choose from dozens of design combinations, with default or customized text, graphics and images. Add unlimited custom pages and documents for function and ease, and keep prospects glued to your site with full MLS listing data and search features.
  • Get personal.
    With free single property listings with your website subscription. Top real estate selling tips point to single property sites as THE way to secure more listings.
  • Stop repeating yourself.
    Instantly feed listing details added to your agent website to major real estate listing portals like Trulia, iPropertySearch, and many more with free listing syndication. Then create a viral marketing campaign without “liking,” “sharing,” and “tweeting” yourself to death daily with built-in social networking tools and a free Facebook App that automatically links and dynamically updates.
  • Keep up with the times.
    Quickly creating videos for your listings that directly upload to YouTube and boost your conversion rate and SEO search rankings on Google.
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel.
    Clients want listing flyers? Take off your graphic design hat and let your website work for you, automatically generating flyers with the click of a mouse for email (PDFs), Craigslist, or print.
  • Speed up traffic.
    Generate QR codes to more quickly guide prospective clients to your listing website, then capture leads quickly with Lead Alert text messaging.

Looking for a few more real estate selling tips to help you take a load off? Soothe yourself with the help of PropertiesOnline.

Rethinking Search Parameters: Lifestyle & Commute Dominate Over Size/Price

Time to Find That New Home
Time to Find That New Home

Do you currently value homes based solely on bedrooms, baths, and square footage? You – and sites like, Zillow, and Trulia – may want to consider moving to a new neighborhood. Where are we off to in such a hurry?

Meet the new kids on the block…
Lifestyle, affordability and commute. These three amigos can make finding the right home for buyers infinitely easier – all with the help of data analytics searches, the latest in real estate trends.

What the heck is that?
Unlike data searches, which generate an overwhelming glut of options for buyers based on search parameters like bedrooms, baths, price, and location, data analytics searches can help pinpoint a few top houses in a market area that best match a buyer’s needs.

Chuck your thinking cap
You’ll no longer have to try to prioritize thousands of pieces of data in an attempt to solve the puzzle of each client’s perfect housing solution. Reshaping the search experience, analytics search engines like take buyers from daydreams to actionable information on…

  • Affordability
    Focusing exclusively on price can result in missed opportunity: Home insurance, utilities rates, homeowner’s association fees, and more can all effect the overall monthly cost of owning a home. Data analytics can help determine if that house with a higher price tag may ultimately end up costing less.
  • Lifestyle connects buyers with home locations based on everything from demographics and schools to coffee shops and places of worship, whatever’s hot in real estate trends.
  • Commute
    Data analytics can even help determine the best home locations for a given maximum commute time, and the cost of a single vehicle rather than two cars (for walkable/bikeable locations). This can help determine if centrally located, higher-priced homes beat those in the ‘burbs.

Brain experiencing data loss? Take a load off with the help of Properties Online today.

Single Property Websites Generate Leads

Leads are the lifeblood of any real estate business. Success comes from selling a listing. Listings come from finding a home seller who wants you as their real estate professional representative. You need leads to find and attract the right sellers, and later you need leads to find and attract the right buyers. Single property websites generate leads that cover both needs, in myriad ways.

Leads are the lifeblood of any real estate business. Success comes from selling a listing. Listings come from finding a home seller who wants you as their real estate professional representative. You need leads to find and attract the right sellers, and later you need leads to find and attract the right buyers. Single property websites generate leads that cover both needs, in myriad ways.

It will come as no surprise that Listings Unlimited is my favorite single property website engine. It is packed with lead generation tools that are designed to attract home sellers and home buyers, every step of the way. And, as one of our users recently told me in an email, “The major KEY is the sellers LIKE them … Thus more listings.” It all starts with the seller, does it not?

One of the newest lead generation tools is part of an exciting new partnership with is dedicated to connecting home improvement professionals with home owners, buyer and sellers. This works well for us, because we are dedicated to connecting those home buyers and sellers with you, the real estate agent.

So, how does this partnership generate leads? It’s simple. Under the listing price on your Listings Unlimited single property websites, we now give visitors the option of clicking a link to be taken to to view what is called a Home Report. In order to access the home report, they’ll need to enter a valid name and email address. Those contact details are passed on to the listing agent, meaning you gain access to every single potential buyer who shows enough interest in the home to request the Home Report.

What is a Home Report? It’s a comprehensive timeline history of a home and its repairs, created through tax and permit records. Porch’s research in this area is so extensive, that they have $2.5 trillion worth of tracked home improvement projects already in their system. Homeowners in 62% of U.S. cities and towns are using Porch. There are over 130 million projects and insights on Porch—including cost, history and more—making Porch’s Home Reports increasingly accurate and relevant. Now visitors to your single property websites can access them quickly and easily, and we’ve given you one more lead generation tool for your arsenal.

And don’t forget all the other lead generation possibilities with Listings Unlimited’s single property websites:

Free listing updates, which allows visitors to fill out a form to request email updates of new listings that match their specific criteria.

Viewing scheduling, which allows prospects to request a viewing of the property at a specific time and date, and the ability for website visitors to easily request additional information about your listing.

CRM, which allows you to view all your website leads, convert them to contacts, and export them to 3rd party software platforms like Outlook, Constant Contact and more.

Mobile Guestbook, including with every single property website as a lead capture form. This encourages the mobile visitor to leave their contact information so you can follow up with them directly.

Smart Lead Capture, which allows you to capture leads by offering your clients the ability to text for more information about a home listed for sale. Prospects get instant property details via text, and you get an instant lead.

Instant SMS Leads, which ensure all leads are sent instantly to a text enabled cell phone. This program, called Lead Alert, automatically converts any lead to SMS and transmits it to your cell phone so you can follow up immediately.

Could You Be Stealing Stock Photos?

Lawyers and artists are on the lookout for stock photos users who don’t pay for the photos on their blogs and websites. Could you be stealing stock photos?

I’m part of a couple of different business groups, and in the last two months, a serious but surprising topic has come up among the group members three times: My professional peers were contacted by lawyers telling them that they’d used an image on their blog without paying for it or citing its source. If this is something you’ve ever done, say, scrolled through Google images to find what looks like a great pic to include with your latest blog article, you could be the next facing legal action. So, I have to ask – who took the photo in your blog post? And did you pay for it? Could you be stealing stock photos?

“Come on,” I can practically hear you saying, “I don’t want to/can’t afford to buy a new image every single time I post a new article to my blog.”

Well, I have two responses to that. 1) It’s a lot more affordable than you might think (and a LOT more affordable than legal fines), and you can rest easy knowing you’re covered, if you do purchase all your images; but, 2) There actually are many free resources for images that you can use safely.

Designmodo recently published a Carrie Cousins’ article on great places to source free stock photography. Titled 16 Places to Find the Best Free Stock Photos, it’s just that – a comprehensive and fabulous list of 16 separate sources of free stock imagery.

Cousins’ selections include:

1. Raumrot
2. Unsplash
3. Little Visuals
4. Gratisography
5. Free Refe
6. Jay Mantri
7. Magdeleine
8. Foodies Feed
9. Picography
10. Im Free
11. Death to the Stock Photo
12. New Old Stock
13. SuperFamous
14. Public Domain Archive
15. Picjumbo
16. The Pattern Library

I’ve personally used Death to the Stock Photo ever since I heard about the photo sharing site months ago. I look forward to trying some of these other options, too. Tell me, where are your favorite stock photography sources?