Online Real Estate Leads

Online Real Estate Leads

Do you have the right blend of real estate business tips to get your lead generation to rise? A mishmash of marketing and management technologies can yield delicious results.

What key ingredients do you need to cook up online leads?

  • A website that works.
    We don’t mean bland, merely functional sites. You want a spicy, well-designed site with a blog and IDX (internet data exchange) to pump up the flavor, build your brand and reel in prospects.
  • Landing pages for landing leads.
    Where potential clients land after clicking on your online advertisements, these stand-alone web pages must be intriguing, enticing customers to provide contact information to gain access to features or information promised in your ads. Highly-specific pages ensure optimum results.
  • Online advertising.
    The gluten of your lead generation recipe, paid online ads via search engines, listing portals, Facebook, and more can help hold marketing efforts together.
  • Email marketing.
    Drip email marketing, the sending of periodic emails to customers, can keep your name at the forefront. To prevent becoming stale, however, limit unrequited attempts at contact from initial canned drip marketing emails to 30 days, or hire a copywriter to keep content fresh and topics current.
  • Auto-responding technology.
    As in cooking, timing is everything. Don’t leave prospects to stew. Enlist the help of email and text auto-responders, and hire additional staff if necessary to provide prompt information to prospective leads garnered via social media, listing portals, and search engine ads. With today’s technology, customers expect a speedy response. An added garnish: Texting someone before calling makes them more likely to take your call!
  • Market reports.
    For seller leads, sending market updates to leads can help you rise to the top of the competition.

Don’t settle for leftovers. Find a spicy new recipe for success with the help of real estate business tips from Properties Online today.

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