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Create a Preferred Vendor Program with Our New Connections Module

When you’re marketing properties for sale, providing clients with the names of preferred vendors is incredibly helpful. Instead of giving clients this information in a quick text or note, Properties Online allows you to create a list that they can easily use as a reference. Our real estate website builder at now includes a Connections Module that allows agents and brokers to create a preferred vendor program.

Benefits of Offering a Preferred Vendor Program

Why should agents and brokers create a preferred vendor program? This program offers a convenient way for sellers and buyers to see which vendors their agent or broker recommends. Sellers can use this list to find vendors who can help them prepare their home for the market. Buyers can use it to find vendors to handle cleaning, maintenance, repairs, or installations at their newly purchased home.

Being able to provide sellers and buyers with vendor recommendations can help agents and brokers build a relationship with these businesses that helps ensure quality service for their clients. Offering this kind of list can also strengthen the relationship agents and brokers have with their clients.

How It Works

The new Connections Module makes it easy for agents and brokers to set up a list of preferred vendors from a wide range of industries, including professional cleaning services, HVAC, roofing, flooring, and more. These vendors are able to get a free listing on the module, which includes their company logo, along with a testimonial or short blurb about the company and its services. Agents and brokers also have the option to charge vendors for a listing in order to monetize their real estate websites.

For more information about our real estate website builder, please contact Properties Online. To get started with creating a preferred vendor program, please visit today.

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