Building a website for your prospects’ properties is a simple and extremely useful way to win listings. When you inform sellers that 90% of homebuyers are using the internet to find properties, and that you are savvy enough to use the internet as part of your real estate marketing plan, they are always impressed.

Sellers tend to be even more impressed when you tell them that you are going to create a website dedicated entirely to selling their home.

We know the effect a property website has on sellers, and we want you to impress them and secure the listing. That’s why we enable you to create FREE demo listing websites to email to prospects or to show at your listing presentations. You can upload unlimited photos and documents to these demo websites, add music, a voice over, video and more.

Once you get the listing, you can purchase the website, choose your custom domain name and order your sign rider.

Our demo sites have all the features of our real property websites. In addition to being a great tool for impressing prospects and securing listings, they are also a great way to test out our user friendly interface.

Visit Listing Domains today to create your free demo property website.

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