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Don’t Make These Mistakes in Your Real Estate Videos!

Video usage in real estate marketing can lead to some pretty… err… interesting results. And these may or may not be so good for your professional image.

Are you making these common real estate video blunders?

  • Overlooking photography.
    Rather than making potential buyers seasick with live in-motion video, still photography offers crisper imagery at a much higher resolution, allowing for the creation of movement and space via panning around the image or sliding closer and farther away. Sometimes dubbed ‘the Ken Burns effect,’ this method actually works far better than actual video footage, and makes the transition to video marketing a breeze.
  • Being too obtuse.
    While you don’t want your real estate videos to be overly long, breezing through a home and marginalizing essential details can cost you. While big, wide angle shots give a great impression of space, detailed shots are essential to highlight each home’s unique features. Is that crown molding or banister original to that turn-of-the-century home? Did you simply snap a quick shot of a kitchen filled with a stunning backsplash or industrial-grade appliances? Did you overlook an award-winning koi pond in your attempt to showcase the expanse of an outdoor space? Up-close shots of these unique features are key for giving buyers a comprehensive feel of a home – and reeling in fast sales for those who fall in love with them.
  • Having a ‘cookie cutter’ persona.
    Let’s face it – virtually no one is a natural their first-time on camera. That said, being true to yourself is key in your ‘fake it till you make it’ attempts at establishing a natural on-camera persona. Are you a triathlete? Organic gardener? Multi-lingual? Showcase your uniqueness to stand out and connect with potential customers on camera.

Don’t be a video marketing stooge – put video usage in real estate marketing to work for you the right way with these and other easy-to-implement tips from Properties Online today.

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