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Drive Traffic to your Agent Site with an Email Signature

One of the easiest ways to promote a website – any website – is to add a link to it at the end of your emails.

Think about it: how many emails do you send each day? For most of us, when we count outgoing emails, responses and forwarded messages, this comes to at least 20-50 emails each day.

Obviously, including your agent website address in your email signature will not send thousands, or even hundreds, of visitors to your website. Most likely, an email signature will send a handful of them. However, when it comes to website traffic generation, every little bit helps, so you should not dismiss email signatures as a simple, reliable marketing technique.

Since you’re sending those emails anyway, it makes a lot of sense to promote your website while you do it. By adding a link pointing to your website to your email signature you will be able to generate some very targeted clicks.

Since we know how important it is to utilize any form of marketing available to us, including email signatures, our Real Estate Websites come with a FREE email signature that can be installed in Outlook and in other Email programs. Your signature will be automatically branded to look like your website and will help drive targeted traffic to your website.

Sample of an Email Signature

Sample of an Email Signature

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