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Driving more traffic with Single Property Websites


Single property websites are a wonderful listing tool that more and more real estate agents and brokers are using. They have very good reasons for doing so: creating a single-property website for each of your listings can help you drive significantly more traffic than using traditional tools.

Traditional vs. Modern Real Estate Marketing Tools

ListingDomains websites drive more traffic to your listings than traditional marketing tools such as virtual tours and online classified flyers, because those rely completely on other websites for generating traffic.


When you use traditional methods, you don’t get the benefits of word of mouth advertising, and you don’t get sign rider or search engine traffic.

Creating a property address domain name, coupled with the custom sign rider, is a far better real-estate marketing strategy, which can make a huge difference in the amount of traffic each listing receives.

SEO Benefits

There are significant SEO benefits to creating a single property website. First of all, having the address as the domain name means it will likely be listed very high in search engine page results. So, when someone enters “555 Main Street, Santa Rosa” in the Google search box, your website will likely be the first result listed.

In addition, all of your single property websites link to each other and back to your own website. This can help each property website gain authority and page rank and become more visible in search engine page results. This can also enhance your own website’s search engine rankings, since there are many websites linking to it.

Social Media Benefits

You don’t just get SEO benefits when creating single property websites. You also get social networking exposure. Each single property website includes a built-in posting tool that enables you, or visitors to your website, to quickly post the listing to popular social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Another convenient tool allows you to post the listing to the incredibly popular Craigslist.


When you create a single property website using, we syndicate your listings to all the major real estate portals, including Trulia, Vast, Google Base, Zillow, Oodle, and Yahoo Real Estate. This can help drive even more traffic to your website, and insure that your listings are advertised to a world-wide audience.

Our software is easy to use and user friendly. Creating a website usually takes less than five minutes! Visit ListingDomains today to start creating your own single property websites and increase traffic to your listings.

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