Security agencies are already on board. Amazon has been waiting in the wings to take advantage of drone technology for deliveries. Even farmers are looking into drones for the management of agriculture and crops. Should you expect this technology to impact residential and commercial real estate? You betcha.

Sky-high advantages
Except for advances in software and portable electronics, many gadgets bypass the residential and commercial real estate industry in terms of usefulness. Not so with drones. This amazing new technology is taking a variety of different fields by storm, especially the real estate market.

Drone technology offers the real estate industry an array of exciting advantages:

  • Cheap and easy aerial photography to aid in identifying unique property characteristics.
  • A glimpse into neighborhoods and surrounding properties.
  • Information on forestation and topography for customers seeking data on large acreage tracts.
  • Identification of proximity to neighbors, power lines, rivers and lakes, commercial buildings, and more.

Do I need a drone driver’s license?
After years of consideration and deliberation, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has at last published guidelines on safely integrating drones into the National Airspace System (NAS). Far easier to understand and implement, this revised system and set of rules must be followed by those wishing to utilize drone technology. And though you no longer need a commercial pilot’s license to drive a drone, learning to operate one won’t happen overnight. This isn’t your average kid’s remote control toy. More than a flying camera, these devices require aircraft and flight knowledge and certifications for use to help you avoid crashes (damage and litigation), airports and military sites (jail time), and privacy infringements (ahem). Interested appraisers should check out the FAA’s website.

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