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Drowning in Digital Marketing Strategies? Find Out What Really Works

So Much Digital Marketing

So Much Digital Marketing

Real estate agents are increasingly looking to digital marketing tactics to capture leads, build branding, and show off skills that make them stand out as a leader in their respective markets. But the elusive, vast, and ever changing nature of real estate trends in digital marketing can leave everyone from seasoned digital marketing veterans to newbies feeling lost at sea.

Don’t worry, you’re not on a sinking ship
According to Inman, the leader in real estate industry news and tech, of 374 respondents polled on their habits, successes, and failures in digital marketing, results were as diverse as digital marketing options, from oceans of opportunity to triangles of traps.

What offers the security of a lifeboat?
The most effective digital marketing strategies were reported to be:

  • Email marketing
    Dubbed “most effective” by respondents, it’s easy, cost efficient, and trackable. A great way to stay in constant communication with new and old leads.
  • Digital ads
    Specifically Facebook and Zillow, which came in neck-and-neck for getting agents top showing with their target audience.
  • Social media
    Specifically maintaining and promoting a Facebook page. An inexpensive option for showing potential leads who you really are.
  • Videos
    YouTube and other video marketing strategies grab attention like nothing else, offering fun, fresh, informative messages customers don’t forget.

Titanic disappointments?

  • Twitter (not visual enough).
  • Paid leads (due to cost, competition).

How can you ensure smooth sailing?

  • Constantly assess.
    Evaluate, determine resources, sketch a plan, then rinse and repeat.
  • Be yourself.
    Apply what you do in real life to your digital marketing strategy.
  • Focus.
    Simplify. Focus on a single strategy rather than spreading yourself thin.
  • Engage others.
    It’s not just about you. Showcase yourself AND engage conversation.
  • Stay positive.
    Building relationships takes time, so positive perseverance pays.

Don’t go overboard with fly-by-night real estate trends. Grab ahold of what works with the help of Properties Online today.

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