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Emerging Real Estate Trends for 2018 – A Must Read

As we glide into the New Year, anticipating real estate marketing trends can help you avoid the mistakes of previous years. The question begs, which trends should be on your radar? In the final weeks of 2017, real estate experts and economists provided these insights for anticipated market shifts in the coming sales year.

Millennials will comprise the largest segment of homebuyers.
The largest proportion of homebuyers, Millennials could comprise up to 43% of the buyer’s market by the end of 2018. Income growth will see them gravitating to larger mortgages, however home shortages will push their growing families to suburban and secondary markets to maintain affordability and uphold quality of life.

Gen Z will sneak into the market.
Those investing in real estate marketing would be wise not to disregard Gen-Z buyers, who may just be entering the market, but whose wide-ranging tastes and preferences may pose a wild card within the industry. Though this segment is expected to gravitate to urban settings, their individualized inclinations may offer off-the-beaten path opportunities in more miniscule starter homes, energy-efficient digs, multi-family properties and other non-traditional home possibilities.

Millions of Americans will become eligible to re-enter the market following foreclosure.
Dubbed ‘Boomerang Buyers,’ roughly 1.5-million of the 10-million Americans forced into foreclosure in 2007-2009 will begin re-entering the housing market in the coming year, many from Gen-X. Expect these buyers to be practical and cautious. This segment relies heavily on social media and online reviews, so testimonials and success stories could net a huge payoff.

Creative financing will become more mainstream.
Selling a property with multiple owners, multiple funding sources (crowd-funding; peer-to-peer lending), and alternate currency (Bitcoin) will add complexity, and also opportunity, in 2018.

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