When best practices are followed, Facebook can be a valuable real estate tool, producing a substantial return on your investment in the form of likes, shares and comments — the currency of influence on Facebook. Each like, share or comment your Facebook business page elicits increases your circle of influence, spreading your marketing reach and generating more leads. Facebook provides daily opportunities to keep your name in front of former and potential clients and cement your reputation as the go-to real estate expert in your community.

If poorly used, Facebook can also be a huge time drain providing little return on investment. Understanding how people use Facebook and what makes them take a moment to like, share or comment on a post is the trick to using this social media tool to build your real estate business. In analyzing more than a million posts to the top 10,000 Facebook pages, social media guru Dan Zarella has created hard data that provides a foundation for a new set of Facebook Best Practices for Real Estate.

In our previous post, we noted the discovery that photos generate the greatest number of likes and shares and nearly as many comments as texts on Facebook pages. The following discoveries point to additional Facebook best practices:

  • Short, pithy statements of about 25 characters (half a tweet) receive the most likes. However, long posts of 800 characters (about 100 words) receive nearly as many likes and generate the most shares.
  • Facebook is person-to-person communication. Writing posts in first person (I, me) earns more likes.
  • Express a point of view. Neutral posts garner little reaction. Facebook users respond most often to positive or negative posts with negative posts generating the most comments. While this works for political commentators, negativism can be a liability for real estate agents. Focus on the positive and make liberal use of photos.
  • Use your Facebook cover photo to enhance your Facebook persona.

Properties Online’s Facebook App allows you to easily post your listings to your Facebook business page, increasing its marketing value.

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