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Five Tips to Convert Internet Sales Leads into Clients

Marketing tips

Convert Your Online Leads into Sales

Helping potential clients make the journey from the virtual world to reality can be tricky. Missing out on essential real estate tips could cost you business. Take control of your online marketing efforts…

Unlock the secrets to converting online leads:

1. Be speedy.
Providing an immediate response is the single most important factor in converting internet leads. 35-50% of online leads deal with the first agent they speak with. How fast do you need to be? 56% expect a call back within 30 minutes.

2. Connect.
The next most important factor, after being first to respond, is making a personal connection. In fact, hyper-personalize. Get an email address and gain insight from the client’s Google, FaceBook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts. Tight on time? Try the Charlie app, which provides a one-page synopsis on individuals based on these sources. This will help you hone in on the lead’s needs prior to contacting, then talk it up. It’ll make you by far, more memorable. What if you must choose between delaying a return call or missing out on the investigatory process? Hands down: Return the call.

3. Interrupt.
Pattern interrupt. A technique wherein you butt-in on the client’s reconnaissance mission by drawing attention to important information they may need – and make yourself stand out: “Let me give you some real estate tips you may not know about: The website provides great detailed information on that property…” Building rapport will in turn build your business.

4. Go digging.
Avoid superficial relationships. Seek out the why’s and what’s of the sale. Why move? What’s being sought that the current property doesn’t deliver?

5. Build trust.
A trusted agent can more easily overcome objections.

Having trouble closing transactions? Properties Online can help, with effective real estate tips and solutions for turning your business around. Contact us and discover the secrets to effective real estate marketing today.


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