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Flip or Flop? Must-Do Repairs Before Putting Any Home on the Market.

Clients thinking of throwing their home on the market “as is” to see if they get any takers? Those days are out, and today’s reality of “fixing to sell” is in. Do you have the real estate selling tips your clients need to ensure their “big day” isn’t a big flop?

Don’t ignore these crucial pre-sale repairs:

  • Mechanical
    Your heating and air conditioning system is how old? What era is your electrical panel from? Though far from glamorous, the roof, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and water heater are big ticket items that will draw a lot of negative press if they are on their last leg – and may affect insurability. No one wants to invest in a potential money pit. Avoid renegotiations involving large price reductions and boost buyer confidence by addressing these issues in advance.
  • Exterior
    First impressions make all the difference between a stop-by and a drive-by. Address exterior cracks, rot, paint, or siding issues alongside overgrown and weedy landscaping and piles of outdoor junk that can send potential buyers on the run from a seemingly unkempt, high-maintenance home.
  • Interior
    It may look great from the outside, but key areas in your home can send today’s buyers running from the nightmare of high renovation bills:

    • Kitchen
      With the glut of cooking shows these days, all buyers envision themselves in gourmet kitchens. Take a good look at your appliances, backsplash, cabinetry and counters, and if yours is hailing from the 1970s, look into ways to update-for-less.
    • Bath
      New grout, caulk, light fixtures and mirrors can go a long way.
    • Floors
      Floors add a lot of value. If you make only one interior investment, consider this for achieving that “wow” factor.

Are you providing your clients with the real estate selling tips they need to ensure a successful sale? Sellers are looking to your expert advice to deliver winning results. Arm yourself, with the help of Properties Online today.

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