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Focus on these Crucial Items to Keep Your Real Estate Business Moving Forward

In the fast-paced world of real estate, you can sometimes feel like a juggler trying to keep an impossible number of balls in the air. Use these real estate marketing tips to focus on the balls that are truly a priority for your business.

1. Keep your prospect list full.

With the cyclical nature of real estate, a boom market can dry up before you know it. Don’t let strong sales make you complacent about your prospect pipeline.

2. Plan for taxes.

We all know the saying about taxes being the one certainty in life, but it’s still easy to forget that they come due every year. Make sure you have a plan in place to cover Uncle Sam’s share.

3. Follow up on all first-time appointments.

How do you stand out above the competition? Following up on initial appointments with potential sellers and buyers goes a long way toward demonstrating your commitment and professionalism.

4. Keep contact information current.

The most skillfully crafted marketing plan falls by the wayside if clients and prospects can’t reach you. Maintain a list of all the platforms where your contact information is posted and make necessary updates.

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5. Stay in touch with your contacts.

Personal relationships need regular care to grow. Make it a habit to call or text five people in your database each day while sending two emails per week on real estate and community topics.

6. Complete continuing education requirements promptly.

Continuing education (CE) courses are a must for retaining your license. Ignore them at your peril. Thousands of agents and brokers turn to Real Estate Express to complete their real estate continuing education requirements. Their CE courses are developed to improve your industry skills, boost your income, and hone a competitive edge in your space. And they’re all state-approved.

7. Learn and use the latest tech tools.

Thanks to the sophisticated technology available today, you can truly work smarter, not harder.

Real Estate Marketing Tips for the Modern Real Estate Agent

Looking for more real esate marketing tips to stay on top? Contact us at Properties Online.

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