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Generate direct leads with a new real estate agent rating system is a progressive social media-oriented real estate agent directory that provides a simple and effective way for agents to extend their brand in organic searches and get their clients involved in the feedback and referral process. Consumers can take advantage of the uncomplicated, precise search engine that can quickly locate compatible real estate agents within a desired zip code radius.

Mountain of Agents’ unbiased approach to delivering relevant information focuses on what really matters to consumers and agents:

  • Quick access to concise, informative real estate agent profiles
  • The ability to quickly view stats on an agent (and quickly rate them, too!)

A very small percentage of clients will take the time to submit a written testimonial, let alone register to do so. Mountain of Agents’ unique rating system—referred to as ‘complimenting’—allows the user to anonymously compliment the agent in six of the most important categories relevant to the home buying/selling process:

  • Geographical Mastery
  • Marketing Expertise
  • Active Interest
  • Trust and Compassion
  • Helpfulness
  • Likeliness of Referral

What’s compelling about this system is that the client can compliment an agent in less than 6 seconds—the amount of time it takes to click the cool buttons next to each category. And let’s face it, everyone loves to press buttons, especially ones that give you immediate feedback that your compliment rating has been tallied.

Registration is free and takes about a minute to complete. Once a member, agents can begin circulating their unique profile URL to clients, family and peers for complimenting. Agents can also upload a photo, add a detailed headline and bio, and add links to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Registered members also receive a profile QR code they can download and use on print materials, making it easy for clients to submit compliment ratings on the go from any tablet or smart phone. Awesome!

Once you’ve amassed a gaggle of compliments, slap a Mountain of Agents dynamic compliment badge on your business website to strut your stuff and promote your public profile.

Now you can reserve any US zip code and give your profile a competitive edge. Introducing the Mountain of Agents zip code reservation service. As a registered member, reserving a zip code pins your listing to the top of results during user searches.

When you reserve a zip code, your profile receives precise, unparalleled visibility in search results.

Since only two agents can reserve the same zip code at any given time, the race is on to secure the zip code you market to before your competitors. Best of all is the price, which allows agents to reserve any zip code for a three-month period for just $35 (less than $13 per month). It’s simple, fast and easy to reserve a zip code. Click here to learn more about zip code reservation.

Join today at and help spread the word to great real estate agents in your area. Don’t forget to follow Mountain of Agents on Facebook and Twitter, too!

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