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Gotta Love The Texting Generation! How to Give them More

Today’s text-crazy customers can’t get enough of this super-fast mobile communication platform. How can you merge real estate and technology together to give them more of what they want, faster and more reliably than your competitors? With Smart Lead Capture.

What’s so ‘smart’ about it?

Properties Online’s own proprietary Smart Lead Capture (SLC) is an all-new platform designed to give real estate pros the ability to connect with and capture mobile leads – fast. All that potential buyers need to do is text for more information listed on the sign riders of properties available for sale or rent.

Am I too dumb/smart enough to figure it out?

Many in the industry tend to break out in cold sweats at the thought of real estate and technology merging, but it’s not rocket science. SLC is simple and easy to implement, and even better – FREE with Listings Unlimited.

How does it work?

Your account will be assigned its very own unique Smart Capture Code (for example, PetesProperties) for use with 9-sub codes (PetesProperties 1-9). Attaching these codes to your sign riders and other media will enable the creation of multiple marketing campaigns, giving today’s thumb-happy generation the ability to contact you quickly and easily for details – and providing you with essential prospect contact information. Once the text is received, you’ll receive a Lead Alert, with the ability to send an automatic response based on personal user settings, providing on-demand text information, and allowing for fast follow-ups that cinch sales. Easily stay in touch later on with single or mass marketing blasts via Message Scheduler.

Want to see it in action?

Send a text message to 54561 and enter P102 in the message field and witness how fast and simply SLC can work for your business.

Be an industry leader in the real estate and technology race. Find the fuel you need for success, only with Properties Online today.

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