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Harness the Power of Drip Campaigns for Your Business

Everyone knows a few little drops of water can rapidly turn into a flood, and that’s just what drip campaigns can do for your real estate business.

What is drip marketing?
Drip email campaigns send a pre-written set of messages, “dripping” them out over a period of time. Weekly, monthly… Whatever floats your boat.

Why are drip email campaigns among the most powerful real estate business tips?

  • Drip open rates are about 80% higher than single sends.
  • Individuals are 3 times more likely to click on links from drip campaigns than single sends.

Experience a steady stream of success with Drip 365

  • Setup unlimited automated marketing campaigns using pre-built templates or design your own.
  • Immediately be notified of – and collect information – on possible leads.
  • Create listing announcements and virtual flyers with the latest listings for your database of clients and fellow agents.
  • Stay on top of potential customers until they are ready to buy.

Develop an effective drip strategy with these real estate business tips:

  • Don’t deluge customers.
    Space out drips appropriately or clients may feel harassed.
  • No tidal waves.
    Don’t send multiple drips (two different themes), and send only once, otherwise follow up messages may be promptly sent to file 13.
  • Avoid overflows.
    Keep content brief, focused, interesting and informative. No one wants to read an encyclopedia.
  • Be slick, not tacky.
    Make sure your campaign doesn’t read like a sales pitch. Focus on educational content that will draw in your audience without making them feel like they’re at the local used car lot.
  • Circumvent saturation.
    While buyers take about 30 drips to become receptive, you should avoid eternally dripping.

What are you waiting for? Don’t experience a drought. Climb aboard the drip email marketing boat and keep customers flowing in with the right real estate business tips from Properties Online today!

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