A great way to increase relevant content on your real estate website is to include a page that lists, in detail, the services you provide to home sellers. This is a great way to show potential clients that you have experience, knowledge, expertise and an action plan for selling their home. This makes it simple to justify your commission – the world you’ll be doing is explicit. It also helps highlight the reasons why the client probably shouldn’t chose to go FSBO. But you’d be surprised how many agents fail to list their services on their a websites.

There’s a fine line between marketing yourself and giving away your intellectual property (IP) to your competitors. You can strike a balance by listing a selection of your services on your website, and providing the rest by email PDF, if requested by a potential client.

This can also be a great place to reinforce any special qualifications you may have, as well as any relevant memberships and awards.

You can break your list of seller services up by category. For example, Preparatory, Listing, Marketing/Advertising, Buyer Assessment, Sale Completion, Follow Up and Resources are sample categories you could use and populate with finer detail.

Including brief (one sentence) testimonials from former clients that speak to the services you’ve listed reinforces what you say and helps you to appear more trustworthy and authentic. For instance, as you’re detailing how and what you provide in a marketing plan, include a sentence from a former client who was particularly happy with how well you marketed their home. Happy customers are generally willing to provide you with a short recommendation when asked politely, so make a habit of asking.

Use statistics where appropriate to back up your list of services and explain why you do what you do. When explaining your web presence, for example, you can provide stats that show buyers are looking first and foremost to the web, over traditional media, when searching for their home.

Let’s face it – being an excellent realtor or broker is a lot of work. If you are able to show that you face the challenge armed with a strong action plan and a keen awareness of what needs to be done, you will instill confidence. You may even convince an on-the-fence seller to hire you, rather than attempting to sell on their own.

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