Pinterest is the hot, new social media toy everyone is talking about. Launched barely a year ago, the new social network caught fire almost immediately, pushing its way into mainstream consciousness at the beginning of the year when the number of Pinterest site visitors crossed the one million mark. The popularity of the digital bulletin board site continues to grow, offering real estate agents and brokers a potentially valuable internet marketing tool.

Three things make Pinterest a perfect match for the real estate industry:

  1. Site users are predominantly female. With women driving the majority of family housing choices, any social network that attracts the attention of women has potential value as a real estate marketing tool.
  2. Driven by the interests of its largely female users, the site covers a vast array of topics but design topics predominate. The emphasis on design, particularly interior design, a top Pinterest topic,  is a natural match for the real estate industry.
  3. Pinterest enjoys the highest user-referral rate of any social media site. For real estate agents who are able to capture the attention of site users, Pinterest offers the possibility of near-viral word-of-mouth traffic.

Here’s how Pinterest works: You pick a topic and create a Pinterest “board.” Like a listing domain for a real estate property, a board is a personal landing page for your topic. Once you’ve created your board, you start posting — “pinning” in Pinterest-speak — photos and images to your board. The point is to create a personal vision of your topic; such as “my kitchen remodel” or “my dream home.”

Because Pinterest is a visual medium, most of the content is pictorial (photos and videos). Text is largely limited to photo captions; however, the new bookmark site Pin-a-Quote allows users to post created text or text captured from their real estate site. Text descriptions should be short, about 200 words, to encourage repinning.

Next time: Tips for generating Pinterest traffic

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