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How to Advertise Your Listings and Services on Facebook

Facebook (FB) ads can give you access to many different audiences, with more than 1.4 billion users and 900 million visits daily. With the average user having 130 friends, and the possibility of super-targeting users by demographic, location, language, age, gender, relationship status, education, interest, workplace connections, and more, it is a great real estate promotion tool. But what’s the best way to advertise on it?

How can you best use Facebook for real estate promotion?

  • Don’t
    • Use your personal page.
      It is unprofessional, and violates FB’s user agreement against using the platform for personal or commercial gain.
    • Post listings directly on your business page’s wall.
      Your page will be viewed as spam. If you can’t help yourself, you can get away with a few each week (that means 2-3!) with a single, eye-catching photo. But there are more professional ways to handle it. (See below.)
  • Do…
    • Use applications.
      Such as Listing Unlimited’s App or’s Social Connections for real estate promotion. They won’t crowd your fan’s timelines with multiple listings.
    • Get your clients involved.
      While you cannot post a listing on your FB page, your sellers can. It’s a great way to get word out, since single listings won’t be misconstrued as spam. Better yet, your client’s friends will view it as a call for help – and spread the word! More word-of-mouth, less work! Bonus!
    • Try pay-per-click (PPC) ads.
      With this platform, you pay for your ads – which link to your website or FB page – when they are clicked. (Don’t worry. You can put a max amount on expenditures. Your ad is pulled when you reach it.) Super-targeting is used to ensure display to relevant populations and real results. (P.S. Research shows ads linked to FB pages work better than outside links.)

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