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How to Get Started Using Facebook Live for Your Real Estate Business

Tech advancements are making it easier for real estate agents to reach a wider audience of buyers and sellers. Facebook Live offers an effective way to market your real estate business online and let buyers and sellers know what you have to offer. Keep the following real estate business tips in mind for using Facebook Live to market your business.

Overcome Shyness or Fear

Many people avoid using this feature due to feeling self-conscious about their appearance or voice. However, Facebook Live just shows how you normally sound and what you usually look like when interacting with clients. You’re also not performing in person in front of a live audience. With Facebook Live, you’ll be performing in front of your tablet or phone.

Be Prepared

Update all of your Facebook applications before using Facebook Live. This helps ensure that you’ll have a smooth experience with a lower risk of running into any errors while using the app.

Practice Before Going Live

You don’t have to dive right into using Facebook Live. Instead, practice before doing so, and you’ll be able to go over what you want to say and how you say it. You’ll also feel more confident going live if you’ve practiced ahead of time.

Pick a Relevant Topic

What do you think your audience wants to know about? You can give sellers tips on staging a home or give buyers advice on narrowing down their options when looking for a home. You can also use this social media tool to highlight a property’s most interesting features or show what different communities in the area have to offer.

For more real estate business tips to help you improve your business, visit Properties Online. We also have digital tools available to market your real estate business, including agent websites and single property websites.

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