If you are in the real estate industry, promoting yourself as a real estate professional is as important as promoting your real estate listings. Your professional image — your personal brand — is as important to clients as the real estate services your offer. Real estate is a service industry where agent image is a powerful real estate marketing tool that can be effectively used to increase your client base. Your LinkedIn profile can play a vital role in turning your professional image into a dynamic social media marketing asset that will enhance your personal brand and drive potential clients to your real estate site.

Unlike other social networking platforms, LinkedIn places the emphasis squarely on your professional qualifications. By applying search engine optimization techniques to your LinkedIn profile, you can significantly increase your position in search rankings. But discovering your profile may not be enough to drive potential clients to your real estate website. To increase the client conversion rate of LinkedIn leads, you may need to tweak your LinkedIn profile so that it provides visitors with both the professional information they are looking for and a glimpse of the person behind the credentials.

To increase the marketing power of your LinkedIn profile, follow these tips:

  • Revamp the headline. People decide which sites to open by scanning the headlines in the list of search results. Use your LinkedIn profile headline as a prequalifier to attract the people most likely to use your services. Headlines should  describe you and your business in short, compelling phrase: New York Realtor Specializes in Upscale Lofts.
  • Optimize for search engines by adding keywords to each profile section: headline, work experience, summary and specialties.
  • Add social proof by providing specifics about education, awards and recommendations. Adding specifics validates your credentials, increasing brand value.
  • Make a personal connection by including information about your goals or interests.
  • Include a call to action in your profile. Tell people action you want them to take: click, contact, email, etc.
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