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How to “Romance” Your Potential Buyer Lead Without Seeming Over Eager

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If the thrill is gone from your real estate marketing act take heart. All you need are a few real estate selling tips to help you get the hookup/listing.

How romancing a real estate lead is like dating…

  • Getting the digits is not enough.
    It’s up to you to initiate communication. And you’ve got to stand out from everyone else who is hitting on your potential client. Set the tone for the relationship. Find something in common with them, make them laugh, and follow up via email within the next few days with an inside joke or story that leads to business.
  • Going out for drinks.
    Not literally, of course, but getting them out to see a house. Your first email or text is crucial to the “relationship”, pushing you in the direction of a second meeting. “Hi, (insert name), it was great to meet you at the (open house), I’d love to (show you some homes) this weekend if you’re free. Let me know if that works for you!”
  • Are you being led on?
    Following these real estate selling tips won’t help you if your client is not ready to move. How can you tell? Consider content and response time: if a prospect blows you off for days and responds with a short, clipped answer, they’re not interested.
  • Keeping your cool.
    As with dating, don’t be too eager or your client may think they’re the only client in your phonebook. Do be timely in responding. Don’t be Sir Speedy. If the client responds back to you in an hour, double your response time. Also, be prudent with punctuation. Excessive use can scare them away. Got it!!??

Are you feeling the love? Listings Unlimited can be your wing man. Contact us to learn more about the real estate selling tips and tools you need to help you score that listing today.

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